Can NuGenesis Artificial Intelligence Monitoring Systems Really Predict Crypto Prices?

Nugenesis Artificial Intelligence market monitoring systems are now in beta. Nugenesis is not programmed to predict based on market orders or market data alone. Nugenesis has been designed to monitor all liquidity makers and known organizations manipulating market prices. Nugenesis is the first of its kind and is expected to increase as the need for accurate predictions in the cryptocurrency markets increases. Thanks to Nugenesis, investors will be more confidently aware of when to buy or sell their assets, with live changes broadcasted to all users—reducing the control of market makers and whales.

nugenesis ai price prediction

The Nugenesis team is currently working on making the system available to its stakers and users. NuGenesis market analysis and prediction tools are expected to be live by mid-2024. With Beta 2 in 6 months. Nugenesis will continue refining and developing its technology, with the eventual goal of providing live predictions and analysis for all major markets.

NAVIS MAMS (market analytics and monitoring systems) has been in the machine learning stage for over 12 months, with the first successful pattern to predict crypto prices in as little as three months. Navis data points were changed to focus on social influence and market manipulation, as market data alone was deemed insufficient. The original finding from team NuGenesis suggests that the market analytics must be changed to focus on market manipulation and fake volume trading. Nugenesis has been working with several AI and machine learning experts to develop the NUGENESIS MAMS (market analytics and monitoring system). The Nugenesis team is very excited about the launch of their market monitoring system and believes that it will revolutionize the way that people trade in the cryptocurrency markets.

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