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Cardano Falters as DigiToads Ride the Surge: A New Narrative in Crypto Momentum?

The broad development of crypto markets has created a landscape where one boat can rise while another sinks. A critical factor in this movement that remains hidden from many is the dynamics of the holder base. Observable among new ICOs and leaders from the last cycle; the former blazes while the latter lags.

A prime example comes from Cardano (ADA) faltering as DigiToads (TOADS) rides a surge of increased demand for its presale. This follows the new narrative in crypto momentum, which heavily favors new DeFi projects with distinctly different holder bases.

Cardano (ADA) has thousands of bag holders facing losses, whereas the DigiToads’ holder base is made of investors all in profit, some as much as 400%. It is easy to see which will rally unhindered by sell pressure.

DigiToads (TOADS) DeFi’s Next Generation

The next generation of DeFi protocols has already begun emerging, and leading the pack is DigiToads. It delivers an immersive ecosystem, a robust tokenomics model, and shares revenue with community members. And after raising more than $6.65 million in its presale, the TOADS rally is just beginning.

The ecosystem called The Swamp delivers a multitude of features to investors, including aggressive treasury management (Platinum Toads initiative), NFT Staking, a native DEX, an educational platform, and charity initiatives.

Each feature of The Swamp does three things: generates revenue, accrues capital, and distributes value to holders. The doxxed team behind DigiToads has created an enormous economic flywheel, and $TOADS holders gain exposure to all the activity within the ecosystem and beyond, thanks to the Platinum Toads initiative.

This active treasury management system employs the most profitable on-chain traders to grow the treasury, leading to greater payouts and token burns. Analysts did comment on the intensity of the token burn (2% of every transaction into and out of The Swamp), stating that this deflationary pressure should put incredible upwards pressure on the $TOADS’ price.

They forecast the potential for an 800% rally in the weeks following the launch and cited that when $TOADS launches on centralized exchanges, it should enjoy another rally driven by fresh capital.

The broad perspective and community-first attitude adopted by DigiToads alongside its holder base, all aiming for huge gains, makes it one of the best altcoins to buy this year.

Cardano (ADA) Falls in Ranking

Cardano (ADA) has faltered and been overtaken by Dogecoin (DOGE) in terms of market cap. In fairness, this comes from over performance of $DOGE instead of the underperformance of $ADA.

Still, the majority of $ADA holders bought during the peak or close to the peak in the last cycle and have been sitting on unrealized losses waiting for the token to appreciate again. These holders will sell their tokens when they break even, and new buy pressure into Cardano (ADA) will have to compete with the exiting of old liquidity.

Analysts believe this quasi-hidden sell pressure will hinder the potential of the incoming Cardano (ADA) rally and forecast a conservative range of $0.49 to $0.60 in 2024. The adoption of Cardano (ADA) in global markets will help, but will Asian markets be happy to buy $ADA? That is the question long-term supporters must ask themselves.

Closing Thoughts: The Best Altcoins to Invest in?

The emerging narrative is clear. The altcoins to watch are projects released during the bear market, which by virtue of their environment, deliver more value to investors and are not weighed down by underwater holders. The DigiToads presale invites investors to participate at the earliest stage, and these micro-cap gems will be the wealth creators in the next cycle.

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