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Cardano’s 63% Price Surge in a Week; InQubeta Gains Ripple Whales Interest

In the last week, Cardano made a new high for the year as it shot from $0.38 to $0.65, posting a gain of over 60%. Many analysts are attributing ADA’s stellar performance to a wider trend in the overall crypto market. As 2023 comes to a close there has been a steady uptrend in the prices of many digital assets and overall market sentiment has been largely positive.

Indeed another project, InQubeta, is also on the rise in the market and paving the way for new AI crypto projects to enter the market – facilitating innovation at a wider scale.

Cardano’s 63% Price Surge in a Week

Recent studies show that Cardano’s network has been experiencing significant rises across a number of chain metrics including transaction fees, asset trading volume, and activated wallet addresses. These surges in activity can only be explained by Cardano holders’ increased demand for staking rewards.

Bitcoin continues to race to new all-time highs, and many speculative altcoins, including Cardano, have been subject to this upward momentum; however, although a rising tide raises all ships, new data suggests something more significant may be driving Cardano’s recent shift to the bulls.

Cardano’s rank holds the third spot when it comes to staked digital asset value. In November, the network boasted a mindblowing total of 22.98 billion staked Cardano, estimated to be worth almost $7.94 billion and these metrics are only increasing. In fact, the data conclusively shows that while trading volume spiked by 103% the amount of ADA staked by holders rose by a whopping 54% within the same time frame, suggesting that new users may be experiencing FOMO and are looking to build staking positions to benefit from the network’s increasing popularity.

To put it simply, Cardano’s network is healthy and continues to grow as new digital asset holders enter the space and as more experienced investors discover its potential to provide returns on their holdings. It seems that as the bulls take the market, Cardano holders will continue to prefer holding over selling, locking in existing profits and setting the stage for more large price jumps in the near future.

InQubeta: Revolutionizing AI Startup Funding with QUBE Tokens

InQubeta, one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now, aims to pioneer the world’s first crypto crowdfunding platform, facilitating fractional investments in AI startups through QUBE tokens. Many Ripple whales are starting to wonder if the grass is greener on the QUBE side of the fence. QUBE is  an ERC20 token with a deflationary design, created by InQubeta to transform the way AI startups raise funds and engage with their community.

On the InQubeta platform, NFTs represent investment opportunities and can be fractionalized, enabling budget-friendly investments while offering early backers numerous benefits. The platform’s NFT marketplace empowers AI startups to raise funds by offering reward and equity-based NFTs, simultaneously allowing QUBE token holders to easily invest in projects they support. This symbiotic ecosystem benefits both parties and makes InQubeta one of the best crypto to invest in today.

InQubeta’s governance model further enhances community involvement, as QUBE token holders can propose, discuss, and vote on platform-related decisions. This approach fosters inclusivity and collaboration in shaping the platform’s future.

By bridging the gap between investors and AI startups, InQubeta aims to democratize AI technology investment. This innovative platform leverages blockchain and smart contracts for transparency and security, ultimately supporting the growth of AI technology startups. This approach makes InQubeta unique and a top crypto to buy.

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It’s been an interesting market cycle so far, and it’s only getting better! After Cardano’s recent surge, it looks like things are on the up for many projects – not to mention new narratives entering the scene like AI, led by InQubeta.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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