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Chainlink (LINK) in the Spotlight: Experts Suggest Broadening Horizons with These Cryptos (TON, LINK, NUGX)


  • Chainlink’s new staking upgrades could boost LINK’s recent rally.
  • TonCoin (TON) has announced a partnership that will make Animoca brands its biggest validator.
  • NuggetRush could outperform several crypto networks in 2023 with its innovative play-to-earn mining game.

Chainlink (LINK) is looking to capitalize on market bullishness via its new staking upgrades. Elsewhere, Animoca Brands is eyeing an expansion of its game-fi services on TonCoin (TON).

Yet, NuggetRush’s (NUGX) mining game has generated more interest following an expected 58.3% increase. NUGX’s presale has sold over 70 million tokens. Yet, can this make NUGX a good crypto to buy now? Let’s discuss.

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Chainlink Upgrades Staking Mechanism in November

On November 29, 2023, Chainlink announced upgrades to its staking mechanism. The network revealed that Chainlink’s Staking v.02 would have an expanded pool size of 45 million LINK. This would allow more Chainlink community members to participate in its staking.

News of Chainlink’s upgrades coincides with LINK’s recent rally. LINK was trading at $10.74 on November 1. By November 29, LINK had jumped by 35.1% to $14.51 following Chainlink’s staking upgrades. LINK soared by 8.4%, reaching $15.74 by December 3.

Chainlink’s popularity soared in 2023. Its Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol and its real-time data feeds have featured on several networks in the  DeFi industry.

Analysts say Chainlink’s new upgrades will expand its network size due to the expected influx of new members. This could make Chainlink one of the top DeFi projects. Analysts say LINK could end the year trading at $17.72, rising by 12.5%.

NuggetRush: Join The Rush For Gold, NFTs, and Staking Benefits

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a mining adventure where players can win gold and other exciting prizes. It features a mining expedition where players must comb mineral-rich lands, searching for valuable mineral resources. Using the help of skilled NFT characters, players will excavate mineral resources and establish a mining business.

Players can easily collaborate on mining tasks while earning higher rewards. NuggetRush features several gameplay modes, which include battles, competitions, and ranked play. Each completed mining challenge will come with higher rewards. Furthermore, players will also receive better NFTs and mining equipment.

Other ways to earn money on NuggetRush (NUGX) include trading valuable assets on its marketplace. Players can also earn money from NuggetRush via its staking offer. Few of the most popular NFT projects offer as many earning opportunities as NuggetRush. No wonder over 70 million NUGX tokens have been purchased by investors in its ongoing blockchain ICO.

Despite its soaring popularity, NuggetRush (NUGX) mining adventure is yet to launch. Its presale just entered round 3, raising over $800,000 since its beginning. Its current value is $0.013. Yet, its listing will occur when NUGX sells at $0.02, which is a big return.

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Toncoin Partners with Animoca

Animoca Brands has become the largest validator on TonCoin (TON) via a new partnership. Details of the partnership show that Animoca will look to build its game-fi services on Toncoin. This would also give Animoca brands access to TonCoin’s 800 million Telegram users.

News of TonCoin’s new partnership comes amid TON”s November rise. TON was trading at $2.19 on November 1. By December 1, TON had risen by 10.5% to $2.42.

Toncoin (TON) looks to increase its network services via its recent partnerships. KuCoin has already announced a $20,000 grant for investing in projects and R&D schemes on Toncoin. Analysts say this could boost development activity in TonCoin’s (TON) ecosystem. It could further push TON”s value up by 16.9% to $2.83.

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