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Chainlink Under Bearish Siege, As Raboo Remains Triumphant Proving More Than A Match For Ondo

Investors are becoming increasingly impatient with Chainlink (LINK) as it continues to struggle under bearish pressure, and many of them now flocking towards an excellently performing meme coin called Raboo (RABT) which has over 8,000 registered users and has raised over $1.8 million in its token presale.

Interestingly, Raboo’s performance is being compared to that of a top altcoins like Ondo Finance; however, according to experts, it appears that Raboo surpasses it. Dive in to learn more about this innovative presale token.

Massive token unlock scares Chainlink investors despite network advancements

Today’s price chart for Chainlink indicates a downtrend for the token, although it has shown some upswing to 1.9% within the past seven days. While experts attributed the drop in LINK to the current decline in BTC, many Chainlink holders think that it was due to the massive amounts of tokens unlocked recently, and as a result are selling their LINK holdings to invest in profitable alternatives.

Although Chainlink has witnessed some major developments in its network lately, like making it easy for big institutions to trade real-world assets in an interoperable way, its recent massive token unlock has triggered fear, doubt, and uncertainty among investors, concerning its outlook. With over 21 million LINK tokens sent to a crypto exchange called Binance, both experts and investors anticipate further selling of LINK, which will make its price plunge further.

ONDO integrates RWAs on Solana with drift, but price struggles persist

ONDO Finance has once again stepped up its pursuit towards decentralization by collaborating with Drift Protocol, a Solana-based decentralized exchange, in a bid to integrate real-world assets (RWAs) on the Solana blockchain. This collaboration seeks to improve trading and capital markets by using the U.S. Treasury bills-backed stablecoin USDY as collateral on Drift’s marketplace to facilitate more efficient and transparent trading on Drift’s platform.

Surprisingly, ONDO is still overshadowed by the bears despite the partnership. Over the past 24 hours, ONDO declined by 4.75%; ONDO also declined by 4.5% over the previous week, to a current price of $1.15, causing other altcoins to outperform it.

Raboo remains triumphant, proving more than a match for other altcoins

With lots of altcoins contending for the interest of investors, Raboo keeps standing tall, especially in its presale which has garnered attention even from top altcoins like LINK and ONDO. Also, within the meme sector, Raboo has proven time and time again that it is more than capable of leading its revolution with its cutting-edge technology that fuses AI and Social-Fi elements.

Raboo’s unwavering commitment to building and maintaining a strong community of meme enthusiasts is one of the crucial things that gives it an edge over other altcoins. With such commitment, the platform actively engages its followers across various social media platforms, uniting like-minded individuals who share a passion for the digital meme culture.

Raboo is currently in Stage 4 of its token presale, selling $RABT at $0.0048. Anyone desiring to join Raboo on the mission to redefine the future of memes by ensuring that only the most hilarious memes survive can grab the presale tokens at this current stage.


As Chainlink struggles under bearish pressure despite its recent technical developments, Raboo is rapidly gaining traction and outperforming established players like ONDO Finance.

With Raboo’s (RABT) strong community engagement, cutting-edge technology, and impressive presale performance, investors are becoming more confident in the presale token to outperform many top  altcoins and also become one of the best crypto investments of the year.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here:

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