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Chinese Kuniao Browser Grants “Legal” Access to Twitter and Facebook

Using the Internet is China is very different from virtually anywhere else in the world. Numerous websites are blocked, and this artificial blockade cannot be circumvented that easily.

That was, until a new web browser called Kuniao came to market.

Kuniao is a Curious Chinese Browser

This particular application is the product of a smaller-scale Chinese company.

While building a new web browser isn’t overly impressive, the functionality that it provides certainly is.

The company behind Kuniao claims users can legally access Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

In doing so, the browser would contract the internet rules imposed by the Chinese government in this day and age.

Over 200,000 users signed up during the first day, which caused the servers to get overloaded and crash within mere hours.

Kuniao is a web browser available for desktop and smartphones, with a tablet release probably coming in the next few weeks.

Under the hood, Kuniao utilizes a VPN protocol to circumvent China’s Great Firewall.

That aspect raises even more suspicion, as the use of VPNs can get one thrown in jail in the country.

As one would expect, there is a catch to Kuniao, and one that doesn’t sit well with many citizens.

Prior to downloading the browser, consumers need to register their phone number and agree to having their browser history being tracked.

Despite these requirements, the company behind the browser is rather transparent regarding these specific rules.

The big question is how long it will take until the Chinese government decided to shut this project down indefinitely. 


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