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Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange Review 2022

Founded in 2012, Coincheck is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It features professional-grade charting software and blocks transactions for higher rates for more skilled traders. Coincheck’s security measures include storing customer assets in cold wallets, cooperating with information security organizations, and two-factor authentication for consumers.

Key Products

Coincheck Periodic Payment Plans

Here, users can automatically purchase a set amount of crypto each month. It also lowers timing risk in users’ investments by reducing the unit price and stabilizing assets over time. It also makes room for small investments with plans starting at just 10,000 JPY a month. It’s now easier for users to start building up their portfolios little by little.

  • Monthly purchases – Users can make a single purchase each month and increase the chances for profits and losses compared to the Daily purchase plan.
  • Daily purchases – When compared to a standard plan, consumers can reduce their time risk here, resulting in more steady profits and losses.

Coincheck Lending

Coincheck Lending is a cryptocurrency lending service in which a user can lend cryptocurrency to Coincheck for a set time by signing a loan contract. Coincheck will repay the cryptocurrency along with an annual % rate at the expiration or termination of the agreement.

  • Maximum 5.0% interest rate – Users can earn money simply by lending their cryptocurrencies to Coincheck.
  • Lend All Cryptocurrency – Users can lend not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum, Ripple, NEM, and any other cryptocurrency supported by Coincheck.

Key Features

Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies

On the Coincheck Cryptocurrency exchange, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies listed on the site for as little as 500 JPY 24/7.

Transfer & Deposit Funds Instantly

If the user has the address, they can instantaneously send cryptocurrency to any global place. They can also show the QR code to receive coins right away.

Trade View (Professional Quality Trading)

To trade Bitcoin with no transaction fees, use the Coincheck Trade View in your browser.

Block Trades At Favorable Rates

Use block trades to make large transactions at premium pricing duringĀ weekday hours.

In-App Security

Coincheck is guarded well against fraud and hackers, providing users with a secure environment for trading and other activities.

  • Cold Wallet – The Coincheck Cold Wallet feature secures customer assets offline, offering maximum security.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Coincheck mandates users to utilize Two-Factor Authentication when logging in, which helps you safeguard your account from fraudulent third parties by using both your password and phone.

Some of the features that distinguished Coincheck from others is the fact that they have several banks integration whereby users can easily buy Bitcoin by depositing to a designated bank account. Also, there’s a feature for using credit card payments.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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