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Cosmos and Arbitrum Investors Turn Eyes to Rebel Satoshi Amidst Predicted 150% Surge


  • Cosmos jumps 13% in a week after the launch of version V0.50 of its software.
  • Arbitrum gains 5% over seven days after a surge in network activity.
  • Rebel Satoshi continues attracting investors by promising a 150% presale surge.

Crypto investors are always on the hunt for tokens that promise massive gains. As a result, top altcoins like Cosmos (ATOM) and Arbitrum (ARB) have witnessed massive inflows. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), an upcoming meme token, has seen significant investor interest after promising a 150% ROI during its ongoing public presale.

Why are investors abandoning popular altcoins like Cosmos and Arbitrum to buy RebelSatoshi? Let’s find out!

Cosmos is Up 13% In a Week: Will Bulls Remain Dominant?

Cosmos has performed well over the past seven days, starting November 8. On November 8, ATOM was hovering around $8.45. However, the November 11 news of Cosmos launching version v0.50 (Eden) of its software saw ATOM break out on a bullish rally. As a result, ATOM surged as high as $10.51 on October 13.

However, the bullish sentiment around the software upgrade died down. By November 15, ATOM stabilized at around $9.63. This price means Cosmos has gained 13.96% in a week. So, does this performance make ATOM a good crypto to buy?

Analysts believe ATOM will continue bleeding to close November at $9.10. On a positive note, experts believe the upcoming listing of Cosmos on HashKey, a Hong Kong-based exchange, will see ATOM climb to close the year at $9.40. These weak gains explain why investors are abandoning ATOM for more profitable options.

Arbitrum Surges 6% Over Seven Days: More Gains Coming!

Arbitrum has performed decently over the past seven days. On November 8, ARB was trading around $1.07. After news of Binance adding support for USDC.e (ARBUSDCE) deposits and withdrawals on Arbitrum. This development increased the network activity on Arbitrum, pushing ARB’s price as high as $1.21 on November 9.

By November 15, ARB had leveled off around $1.14. This price represents a 6% gain in a week, explaining why investors leave ARB in the rearview mirror as they search for tokens offering better returns. However, before labeling ARB as a low performer, let’s look at analyst predictions for 2023.

Per analysts, ARB will continue surging to close November at $1.91. Analysts peg this prediction on the November 15 news of Binance Japan’s plans to list ARB. However, as the buzz around this news fades, experts believe ARB will plunge to close 2023 at $1.25. This forecast makes ARB a good crypto for beginners to watch ahead of the awaited 2024 rally.

Rebel Satoshi Basks In Investor Interest After Promising a 150% Surge!

RebelSatoshi, an upcoming meme coin project that aims to fight centralization in the crypto-verse, has taken crypto by storm since the start of its public presale. The project has seen investors continuously embrace it due to its mission to secure a $100 million market cap for its native $RBLZ token by rousing the sleeping sheep.

$RBLZ has a supply cap of 250 million tokens, serving as the key to the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem. Specifically, $RBLZ offers access to the Rebel NFT Vault, a P2E game, and a staking program. These perks explain why investors consider $RBLZ the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

By November, RebelSatoshi was proceeding with the Early Bird Round of its ongoing public presale, with $RBLZ going for a low price of $0.010. Rebel Satoshi has branded the next round of its presale Rebel, and the $RBLZ price for this round is $0.013. By surging to $0.013, $RBLZ will have gained 30%.

Interestingly, $RBLZ is set to continue surging until it completes its presale at $0.025. This price means $RBLZ will have surged 150% during its presale. Moreover, $RBZL will get listed on top DEXs upon completing its presale. This development will set the stage for more gains.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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