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Cros Empowers Digital Advertising and P2E Games in the Metaverse

Cros is a decentralized, secure, and tamper-proof layer 2 protocol building a framework for interoperability and collaboration across multiple blockchains. The platform aims to define how Metaverses, Gaming Platforms, DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, and other crypto projects will collaborate in the future.

Powered by compliance-by-design smart contracts, Cros enables businesses to execute value chains with full traceability in a trustless and tamper-proof environment. Dubbed Ethereum’s Cross-Org of blockchains, the revolutionary project aims to create a secure and highly scalable network that connects the Metaverse worlds under one roof.

By leveraging Cros, real-world brands and Metaverse merchants can execute their business processes seamlessly via the platform’s identity verification practices.

Without a cross-organizational collaboration platform, Defi protocols, NFT projects, and other crypto entities on the Metaverse would be plagued with flawed compliance processes and grapple with rampant data breaches.

Cros sets the market standard by developing efficient processes for exchanging assets/liquidity across multiple organizations, paving the way for an interconnected future.

Cros Users can Take Advantage of Advertising on the Metaverse

Per recent estimates from top crypto asset manager Grayscale, the virtual world built on web 3.0 is set to become a $1 trillion market opportunity in the near future. A new generation of digital marketing and advertising will likely drive this rampant growth in the Metaverse.

Cros is the go-to platform for users seeking advertising-specific toolkits that empower them to grab a piece of the pie in the emerging billion-dollar digital world. Led by a team of former executives from Microsoft, Deloitte, and Rocket Internet, Cros is launching its Ad bidding platform that promises to reshape the landscape of advertising on the Metaverse.

Dubbed the “Combinatorial NFTs Ad Bidding Platform” for Metaverses, the pioneering product will help to propel the play-to-earn economy to unprecedented heights.

Cros’ Ads Manager is designed to power Metaverse commerce and advertising by providing advanced DeFi integrations. The product will enable event organizers, brand sponsors, and other value chain participants to compete for NFTs in virtual events such as music concerts, sports events, fashion shows.

The $CROS token will be the native currency that powers the upcoming Ads bidding platform, kick-starting the revolution that triggers the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The Cros Play2Earn Marketplace for Metaverse NFT Games

Cros is fully interoperable and powered with layer 2 solutions, granting users full access to its P2E Marketplace that facilitates the lending and renting in-game assets (NFTs).

The experienced project backers are designing modular and composable capabilities that bring advanced DeFi integrations to foster the growth and adoption of P2E gaming and NFTs in the Metaverse. The protocol also leverages smart contracts, SDKs, and other technologies to deliver on/off ramps, liquidity, discovery, and escrow services that will benefit the fast-growing DeFi and NFTs movement.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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