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Crypto Analysts: Tron (TRX) on the Verge of Rising to $0.130 Before 2023 Ends

The crypto market has been abuzz with discussions about the potential Tron (TRX) surge as analysts predict a significant climb toward $0.130 before the culmination of 2023. Today, we will look closer to see if this prediction can come true in that time frame while also focusing on one project that may bring better gains. 

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Who Predicted Tron (TRX) Would Surge to $0.130?

Using historical data, Changelly predicted that Tron (TRX) may rise to $0.130 before the end of 2023. This forecast came as Tron exhibits strong bullish signals in the crypto market.

Notably, Coin98 data highlights Tron’s remarkable feat with over 1.5M daily active users, surpassing even the giants of the crypto space, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This surge in user activity positions Tron as a frontrunner in terms of engagement and usage, showcasing its robust potential and growing influence within the cryptocurrency landscape.

However, let’s look closer at the numbers for Tron and see if this prediction is plausible. 

Let’s Look at the Stats for Tron

Currently, the Tron price sits at $0.104 with a market cap of $9.2B. The Tron value has increased 5% in the past month from $0.09 on November 1st. Achieving a value of $0.130 by the end of 2023 would necessitate a rapid 25% surge from its current position in a month. 

Moreover, Tron would need a market cap of $11B. Reaching this value within such a short timeframe presents a substantial hurdle for Tron.

With such high expectations to meet, the Trron price prediction seems challenging to materialize swiftly. In light of this, let’s explore an alternative token that might present more feasible opportunities for significant gains.

A Record-Breaking Crypto Presale

The challenge to see Tron reach $0.130 before 2023 ends essentially stems from its large market cap, demanding a significant injection of new capital for growth. In contrast, tokens with lower market caps often offer more promising growth opportunities. Enter Meme Moguls (MGLS), an innovative meme-driven stock exchange currently navigating its Stage 1 presale.

This project has sparked widespread interest within the crypto community, boasting an impressive Beta stage completion in one week and raising over 250,000 USDT. Early investors have already realized a 10% ROI as the MGLS token surged from $0.0019 to its current value of $0.0021.

Achieving the $0.130 mark for Meme Moguls would only necessitate a market cap of $390M as it currently has a $6.3M. It’s an ambitious yet potentially attainable goal, especially considering the innovative elements Meme Moguls is poised to introduce.

These features are:

  • Moguls Casino: a platform where you can experience thrilling gameplay using meme-based assets.
  • Meme Moguls Fantasy Trader: a competitive arena where you can compete and earn rewards
  • Mogul Land: a metaverse where you can connect to other traders, mine tokens, and join liquidity pools

Analysts are bullish, predicting a 100x surge before the presale concludes and an additional 30x growth post-exchange listing. Factor in Statista’s projection of a $6.1B meme industry by 2025, and Meme Moguls might skyrocket faster than expected.

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