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Crypto Bull Market Predictions: How High Can THORChain, TRON, and Bitcoin Spark Go?

Over the last few months, THORChain, TRON, and Bitcoin Spark have captured the interest of investors with strong price performances. However, many crypto analysts have now agreed that the crypto market is currently in a bull phase. With this, these three cryptos have been predicted to rise significantly. Let’s find out how high they can go.

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THORChain Development Activity Has Surged, How High Will RUNE Go?

The THORChain crypto became popular in 2023 over its rapid price increases. In August, the THORChain coin, RUNE, increased by more than 100% when other cryptos declined. In October, RUNE increased by more than 55% to cross $3 for the first time in 17 months.

However, THORChain has made the news recently over a surge in development activity. Market analysts have suggested that the increase hints at more developers migrating to the network. As a result, they have given a bullish price forecast for THORChain.

Based on the price prediction of market experts and analysts, THORChain has broken out of a descending channel and could rally to $10. This makes RUNE one of the best crypto to invest in.

TRON Has Become the Top Blockchain for Stablecoin Transfers

The TRON coin has seen steady growth in 2023. Also, the network has seen a resurgence in activity. The report shared by CoinTrust stated that the TRON network has become the leading blockchain for stablecoin transactions in emerging crypto markets.

Highlighted by the report, USDT on the Tron network has become the most used coin for transactions. This has confirmed the September report that stated that TRON accounted for 43% of all USDT transactions.

TRX has gained more than 80% year to date but has a long way to reach $1. However, the TRON price has failed to break above the $0.2 resistance convincingly. However, analysts have predicted that this might happen in the upcoming bull run. Their TRON price prediction puts the coin as high as $0.45 in the next bull cycle.

Bitcoin Spark To Dominate the Next Bull Market

Thousands of projects have launched via crypto presale, but few have had as much impact as Bitcoin Spark. Bitcoin Spark has been voted as the best new cryptocurrency to buy because of its uniqueness and improvements to the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Spark was forked from Bitcoin, so it retains the same level of security, dependability, and privacy. However, the team has made improvements to the codes. The most notable has been the inclusion of smart contract functionality – a feature lacking on the Bitcoin network.

Market analysts have predicted that Bitcoin Spark will attract developers looking to build on Bitcoin. To give room for mainstream dApps on the network, Bitcoin Spark has integrated a new consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Process.

There have been hyper-bullish predictions for Bitcoin Spark. Analysts have forecasted that BTCS will set an all-time high above $50 in the next bull market. As it is in the early ICO stages, investors have been given a second chance to join Bitcoin early. BTCS now trades at $3.50 in stage 9 of its ICO.

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