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Crypto Funds Surge: Bitcoin Leads, Solana Shines, and InQubeta Shows Off Potential

Bitcoin ($BTC), InQubeta ($QUBE), and Solana ($SOL) should be part of your short and long-term investment strategies if you’re wondering which top crypto coins to buy now. Over $20.4 million has been directed into Bitcoin in the past week and prices have risen by over 4%.

InQubeta is one of the most interesting new DeFi projects and it takes on mainstream investment avenues by creating an alternate way to invest in AI and enjoy the rewards of such investments. Over $3.4 million has been poured into the InQubeta presale so far and early investors have doubled their investments in a few months.

$SOL has outpaced $BTC in the last seven days as its prices surged by over 25%. It’s the most substantial bull run the project has had since June and it could potentially take prices back to 2022 highs if it holds.

InQubeta ($QUBE) touted as a top crypto coin thanks to incredible growth potential that could mimic $BTC’s rise

Some cryptocurrency analysts are already comparing $QUBE’s growth potential to $BTC thanks to factors like its limited 1.5 billion token supply and how undervalued tokens currently are at $0.0133. The creative solution it provides puts it ahead of most cryptocurrencies since a large fraction of investors don’t have access to traditional investment channels due to entry barriers like geographic restrictions or minimum investments many people can’t afford.

The InQubeta network opens up AI investments with ERC20 coins, blockchain tech, and smart contracts. The decentralized finance platform allows anyone, anywhere to invest in AI without having to jump through hurdles to prove their worthiness.

Over $1.5 trillion is expected to be funneled into AI over the next several years and the InQubeta project will be right in the midst of things, directing capital to startups while making it easier to invest in the technology.

A new approach to investing

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the new stocks on the InQubeta network and investing in AI is as simple as buying ERC20 coins on the NFT marketplace. Startups mint investment opportunities into NFTs and list them on the marketplace where they can be bought with $QUBE. These tokens are fractionalized to suit each investor’s budget.

NFTs are transferred to investors once sales are ended and their value can be tracked through each investor’s InQubeta account.

Investors also have the option to invest directly in the InQubeta project by buying $QUBE and holding or staking tokens. Stakers earn more $QUBE periodically and holders get to be part of the network’s governance. Some projections have $QUBE rising 100x once launched so a small investment today could earn substantial profits in as little as a year.

Solana ($SOL) bulls dominate in September

September was an excellent month for $SOL investors and they’re hoping for more of the same in October. Market metrics indicate there’s a good chance these investors will get their wish. Solana’s relative strength index is at 73.15, while its 10-day moving average is at 21.68, signalling it’s a good time to buy tokens.

$SOL has the potential to grow 5x as it attempts to reclaim previous highs thanks to a strong push from bulls.

Bitcoin ($BTC) gaining momentum

BTC prices have risen by over 4% in the past week, reaching highs set early in the year at $28,500 before coming back down to a new support level at $27,300. Bitcoin’s 30-day simple moving average is at 26,484 while its relative strength index has risen to 59.

Bitcoin’s recent surge made predictions that prices will reach $120,000 in 2024 more probable and we might see prices rise 4x within a year.


$BTC, $SOL, and $QUBE are top crypto coins to buy now to enjoy substantial short and long-term profits. $QUBE is likely to see more growth in the next few years thanks to its decentralized finance solution that opens up AI investments, how undervalued tokens are, and the $1.5 trillion projected to pour into artificial intelligence in the next several years.

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