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Crypto Influencers Endorse BDAG Over XRP & Arbitrum Price

YouTube Influencers Boost BlockDAG Appeal with $38M Presale Gain, Dominating Over XRP Holders’ Moves & Arbitrum Price Flux

While XRP holders face losses and Ripple struggles at $0.55, BlockDAG‘s presale success sets it apart. Garnering $38 million and promising substantial returns, BlockDAG leverages crypto influencers’ endorsements. In particular, Oscar Ramos highlighted BlockDAG’s potential in a recent video, driving rapid sell-outs and price hikes. Moreover, its strategic roadmap and early mainnet launch plans further solidify its position in the top 10 crypto space, making it a compelling investment opportunity.

XRP Holders: Balancing Losses with Ongoing Interest

XRP holders have faced a tumultuous period, shedding their holdings at a loss. Between May 18 and May 28, they realised nearly $20 million in losses, highlighting Ripple’s struggle to break past the $0.55 resistance level. Social dominance metrics show XRP’s relevance remains steady at around 1.46%, indicating ongoing interest despite the losses. The ongoing SEC vs. The ongoing Ripple lawsuit is causing uncertainty for XRP, leading to its volatile performance. Although technical analysis indicates a potential 7% gain for XRP, the persistent doubts have prompted many investors to explore more stable alternatives, such as BlockDAG.

Arbitrum Price: Surging 30% on Ethereum ETF Approval

Arbitrum’s price has seen significant growth following the approval of the Ethereum ETF. Over the past week, Arbitrum surged by 30%, attracting 100,000 new users and driving its price from $0.9757 to $1.2712. The daily trading volume skyrocketed by 93% to $829 million, reflecting the increased investor interest. This surge has positioned Arbitrum as a notable player among Ethereum Layer-2 networks, benefiting from the broader positive sentiment towards Ethereum-based projects. With active addresses hitting a record high of 1.1 million and ARB holders increasing to 1.5 million, Arbitrum’s outlook remains bullish.

Crypto Influencers Backs BlockDAG, Highlighting 30,000x ROI Potential

BlockDAG has captured significant attention in the crypto community, largely due to the Endorsement by YouTube influencer’ Oscar Ramos‘. In his recent video, Oscar Ramos emphasised BlockDAG’s potential, comparing it to successful projects like Helium mining but with notable improvements. His detailed explanations have demystified the complexities of BlockDAG, attracting a broad audience of investors. This Endorsement has played a crucial role in BlockDAG’s presale success, where each batch has seen rapid sell-outs and substantial price increases.

The presale has progressed through 16 batches, with prices surging by 850% from batch 1 to 16, and is set to continue to batch 45. Investors have seen significant returns, and with the project’s well-organized approach, including a comprehensive white paper and active social media presence, BlockDAG is poised for further growth. He also highlighted partnerships with major companies like Google and Adobe, which further bolstered its credibility, and its innovative proof-of-work technology promises unmatched security and scalability.

Moreover, BlockDAG’s updated roadmap reveals ambitious plans for an early mainnet launch, driven by the overwhelming success of the presale. The development phases include building core peer-to-peer networking capabilities, integrating Ethereum compatibility, and launching a development network for testing. BlockDAG aims to transition to live operations by late Septemberr, offering a robust and secure blockchain solution. This roadmap highlights the project’s commitment to delivering a high-quality, user-friendly platform, positioning it as a top contender in the crypto space.

Final Verdict

BlockDAG’s presale success, bolstered by endorsements from crypto influencers like Oscar Ramos’, highlights the significant impact of social media on cryptocurrency investments. While XRP holders and Arbitrum’s price movements provide valuable insights into the market, BlockDAG’s innovative approach and strategic roadmap set it apart. The project’s potential for substantial returns and its well-executed development plans, make it a compelling option for those seeking the next big crypto investment.¬†

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