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Crypto Market Dumps as Internet Computer and Ethereum Classic Struggle To Breakout, Angry Pepe Fork Makes Headlines

The crypto market is currently undergoing a correctional phase with many tokens dumping significantly. Some of the tokens that have dropped in the past few weeks are Internet Computer and Ethereum Classic. Contrary to the fate of the two cryptos, Angry Pepe Fork is making headlines as investors see it as the best crypto investment. The project seeks to dethrone major meme coins, taking them to the zenith of the meme coin category.

Angry Pepe Fork Dominates the Market. What’s the Possible ROI?

With Ethereum Classic and Internet Computer losing steam, Angry Pepe Fork is flying high and dominating the market. This new project offers a new conquer-to-earn model, enabling individuals to battle and decimate the zombie meme coins. Through the help of the Angry Pepe Fork army, individuals can collectively defeat rebels and renegades and earn real-world utility.

By displaying grit and resilience on the battlefield, users are rewarded with free APORK tokens and are made powerful participants in the ecosystem. As the number of zombies crushed increases, users staking APY rewards also skyrockets. Particularly, users do not have to wait till launch before exploring these features. Everything happens right in the presale.

As a Solana-based meme coin, Angry Pepe Fork is built on a solid foundation on which Pepe and dogwifhat have been built. Since the presale started about two weeks ago, investors have been accumulating the APORK tokens which are currently available at $0.014. For the long-term scarcity and price stability, APORK is limited to only 1.9 billion total supply. 

With different partnership options to bring more utilities being explored, Angry Pepe Fork is set to appeal to both meme lovers and investors. Having looked at this token’s features including its fundamentals and growth potentials, analysts envisage a good return for investors. As of now, experts predict a 250% increase by the presale end and 350% by launch, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now.

Ethereum Classic Coin Recedes. Is a Climb To $30 Impossible?

Like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic also supports the creation of decentralized applications. While the Ethereum Classic token once traded at $176, the token has continued to flop in recent times. Last week alone, Ethereum Classic price dipped by 10% with the token needing support at $26.

From the price chart, Ethereum Classic buyers are struggling to maintain a real foothold. Although, there has been a significant positive reaction from key metrics such as the market cap which is closing down $4 billion. However, the real battle lies with the buyers who may need to do more for the token to hit $30.

Internet Computer Price Drops Below $12

On May 12, 2024, Internet Computer was trading above $12 with the token showing bullish metrics all around. As the market begins to recede, Internet Computer has fallen significantly, losing by 10% on the monthly record. 

Even though there has been a considerable increase in the Internet Computer market cap, the token is still struggling to break the resistance zone of $11. On a positive note, the Internet Computer network is expanding its trading market to Bithumb, the South Korean exchange which could be a good reason for the price to surge.

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