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SLERF and Raboo Rally As Degen Price Plummets: A Closer Look at the Crypto Market Today

If you’re scouring the crypto market for the best meme coin to buy now, SLERF and Raboo are both ticking boxes for enthusiastic investors. However, a third meme coin, Degen, has experienced significant drops in value.

Raboo, in particular, is enjoying storming success, moving into stage four of its ongoing crypto presale with over $1.6 million already raised. Now available at the knockdown price of just $0.0048, here’s why Raboo is battling SLERF as the best meme coin to buy now while Degen flounders.

SLERF: Price rally continues after rapid rise to prominence

SLERF announced itself on the crypto market in astounding style in the middle of March 2024, surging to $1.37 within 48 hours of launching. Despite little utility or practical value, it has an unabashed mission to bring a fun and exciting element to crypto trading.

This incredible start was partially provoked by SLERF’s creator accidentally burning $10 million of tokens initially destined to be distributed among supporters. However, with SLERF retaining its community focus, supporters have continued to back this fledgling meme coin, with 30% gains over the past month as it gears up for another bullish push in the second half of the year.

With bullish sentiment continuing to pack out SLERF’s loyal community, it’s no wonder crypto market analysts are tipping it as a prospect as the best meme coin to buy now.

Raboo: Fast-selling ICO signals enthusiasm for crypto market launch

While SLERF’s entry into the crypto market caused waves among the investor community, Raboo’s could send an earthquake through it. With its ICO advancing at breakneck speed, it looks likely to take the meme coin sector to new heights with its project stacked with innovation, fun, and an unerring focus on community.

Raboo leverages blockchain technology to provide transparency and an immutable platform, yet the real treat comes from its combination of AI and SocialFi mechanics. The former drives the proprietary Rabooscan tool, which allows users to create their own memes before using the SocialFi capability to monetize their content by posting on social media channels and helping to grow the Raboo community.

Yet, Raboo isn’t all about fun and fluffy memes. Users also earn passive rewards for engaging posts within the community and participating in events such as regular competitions, giveaways, and creative contests.

After launching its presale at just $0.003, the Raboo price has skyrocketed 60% to $0.0048. With a total 233% return available to earliest-stage investors during the ICO, experts believe Raboo will be the best meme coin to buy now, as it reaps potential 100x gains soon after launching on the open market.

Degen plummets after early price pumps

Degen is another new meme coin that exploded onto the crypto market earlier this year, pumping from its opening price of $0.01636 to a staggering  $0.06459 within the opening days of its existence. Its new value proposition, which allows content creators to directly engage with their fan base and receive tips and payment for content, has been a considerable part of the decentralization of the content creation industry.

Degen allows peer-to-peer payment, removing the need for big centralized platforms to get involved and take their slice of the pie.

While Degen’s early performance certainly made waves across the crypto market, recent performance over the past week hasn’t been promising. After beginning at $0.02295, Degen has slumped 41% in the past seven days to its current price of $0.01389 at the time of press, with no sign of the slump ending.


While some analysts believe SLERF is the best meme coin to buy now, others are unanimous in tipping Raboo to eclipse SLERF and Degen in the second half of this year and create a huge mark in the crypto market once it’s launched on exchanges. With 100x growth potential, it’s worth buying today for maximum returns!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.


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