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CryptoGames: Play Dice and Win Huge Jackpots

CryptoGames is one of the most prominent crypto casinos in today’s modern casino industry. Throughout the years, it has proved to be roaring high with unadulterated consistency in service and absolute transparency. With exclusively modern measures to entertain the players all equally and fairly, CryptoGames is a top choice for beginner-level gamblers. The casino has enabled the use of exclusive cryptocurrencies on their websites for all kinds of transactions.

They are maintaining their casino standard by keeping a very subtle aesthetic in terms of outlook and for every game offered. Players from around the world are freely enjoying their time at the casino since they can make the transactions easily with any of their used Cryptocurrencies. They can get access to the games of the casino without any further complications or spending anything from their own pockets at first. This means they are free to use their funds only when they are fully sure of what is the casino’s concept about. Read along to find out more about the incredibly reliable and highly equipped digital casino in detail.

A Look Inside the Casino:

 CryptoGames’ excellent website is built with many mention-worthy features that have made quality entertainment accessible for curious crypto users. Each one of the accounts is properly guarded with high-security measures. CryptoGames is neatly equipped with modern features that offer easy game time and many opportunities for rewards. Players can enjoy the fine art of crypto gambling through the following games on the website:

All the Games Offered:

To offer absolute simplicity in its ambiance, the casino focused on quality and hence decided to offer 9 uniquely customized games on the website. CryptoGames has fully customized the classic themes of the games and turned them into their exclusive modern versions to meet the modern expectations of the players. All these games can be accessed and played using 10 different cryptocurrencies. Although one of the games, Lottery is not accessible through all cryptocurrencies, players can still use the flexible exchange and deposit systems for the games they want to play. The access to use your cryptocurrencies comes only if the player account is fully registered. 

At Present, CryptoGames is offering: 





Video Poker, 




and Lottery. 

Their House Edges:

  •     Dice and Dice v2 both have- 1%  house edge
  •     Slot has- 1.97%  house edge
  •     Blackjack has- 1.253%  house edge
  •     Lottery doesn’t have a house edge
  •     Roulette has – 2.7%  house edge
  •     Minesweeper has- 1% house edge
  •     Video Poker – Jacks or Better has – 2.11% house edge
  •     Video Poker – Tens or Better has- 2.08%  house edge
  •     Video Poker – Bonus Poker has – 2.09% house edge
  •     Plinko – Green ball has- 1.63%  house edge
  •     Plinko – Red ball has – 1.84% house edge
  •     Plinko – Blue ball has- 1.52%  house edge
  •     Plinko – Yellow ball has- 1.56%  house edge

In the “How to Play” tab under all games’ pages, guidelines, and detailed descriptions of all the jackpots or features can be found easily. For in-depth descriptions of all the games and their strategies, players can go through the blog posts where the casino provides everything for the players. The players get to use any of these cryptocurrencies for the games: 

Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, and Dash.


In an all-exclusive version, CryptoGames offers Dice as a modern game that is offered for all ten cryptocurrencies and it also has a winning range of 0.000 to 99.999. The game is played by choosing between conditions. The conditions are shown to the players before they finally roll their dice. The game has an incredibly easy set of rules where the players must predict where or not their dice roll will be according to the option they choose. Players will win the game if their result is according to the prediction. The game also offers an extremely exciting Progressive Jackpot.


Slot attracts old-school gamblers with amazing winning chances of 49.73%. Less common combinations have more rewards, while common combinations win fewer rewards. The game’s concept is to work on the principle of payout. CryptoGames pays out 98.028% out of all the payments in coins. The payout table and winning combinations have been made easy so that the players get to relish the old-school vibe of gambling without worrying too much about any complicated rules. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the most beginner-friendly games on the internet right now.


Often played by gamblers as 21, it is a highly popular card game around the world. Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in today’s casino gambling. At CryptoGames, the game brings about simple entertainment for all the players regardless of their skill levels. In Blackjack, players have to earn points closer to 21 or beat the hand of the dealer without crossing the 21 margin. The game is also available for the Play Money currency. According to the rules of the game, players get to Double Down, Surrender, and Split to form the best hand that can lead them to a win.


For the game of Roulette, CryptoGames offers a payout table that is based on the American version. However, the objective of the game is based on the European version. There are inbuilt auto features that help the players to place their Neighbour bets. Roulette involves spinning a wheel with numbered partitions. The players win the potential pay-out of their bet depending on the type of bet they make. The excitement of Roulette builds up in mixing and matching different bet types. The mix and match also help to increase the chances of winning. The game challenges the players to think of very complex betting strategies to win in every round.

Video Poker:

Video Poker has been brought into CryptoGames with high rewards. Along with its 3 different variants, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker the game is offered with different house edges and payout tables. The three variants are accessed through a toggle located at the top left corner of the game board. Video Poker is highly popular among card gamblers because of its lucrative payout sum as well as its amazing offer of a royal flush. The Royal Flush offers the players an incredible opportunity to win a payout multiplier of 500.


Hundreds of casinos now host Plinko on their platforms to keep the classic gambling ambiance alive. CryptoGames also offers Plinko in its fanciest architecture to bring back the classic game to modern gamblers. The wagering game is played on a modern pegged pyramid. On the pegged pyramid,  there are 4 different rows of payout multipliers dedicated to 4 different colors of balls. In Plinko, players are guaranteed to win their rewards when the ball they pick reaches a profitable slot at the bottom of the pyramid. There are 4 different house edges and all different payout multipliers for the game.


Another version of Dice is offered at the casino as DiceV2. This version includes a slider bar that eases up any bet’s setup process. The players can also use the manual setting tabs while they place their bet amounts or customize their bets for the round. The design of DiceV2 is completely different than the original version, Dice. Players can easily understand the maximum or minimum win chances and payout multipliers by checking the slider bar. The payout multiplier affects the winning chances of every roll. In this one also, players get to aim for the Jackpot as they make their prediction about the result.


Among all the computer games from the 90s, Minesweeper remains an old school classic for many. It is so well accepted by so many players around the world that online casinos have been offering it on their websites to bring back nostalgia to many. At CryptoGames, the game is brought in a flexible design where the objective of the game is highly rewarding. The players get to win their rewards with instant cash-out options. This means, that by not hitting a mine, players will be able to cash out their rewards at any time they want. The rules of the game allow all players to choose any number of mines they want to conquer on the field.


One of the most classic games in gambling history is Lottery. At CryptoGames players get to buy any number of tickets with 4 specific cryptocurrencies. They can use the Chatbox commands or the “Buy Tickets” tab to buy their tickets. In every round, a player will get to see the total number of available tickets, their win chances, and a countdown timer that tells the time left for each draw.  Depending on the cryptocurrencies used for purchasing the tickets, the casino hosts the draw on two different days in a week. At CryptoGames, Lottery comes with an absolutely 0 house edge policy.

Free Access to The Games:

Once a player completes the first registration of their account, the casino rewards the players with their inbuilt play currency. The testing currency is called the PlayMoney and it is available for all the games on the website except for Lottery. The Play Money comes with an open feature that rewards the players with more of the testing currency depending on their player level. All the Play Money the players earn can be used for exploring any strategies. The amazing feature allows any new player to check out the entire architecture of the games without having to spend any actual funds. The Faucet feature is available for all players. The higher-level players can make more requests for more Play Money than others.

Dice and its Rules for Progressive Jackpots:

The game of Dice increases the thrill in the players’ minds by offering jackpots for them. On every bet, players may apply different strategies to win the jackpots. The rules for the Progressive Jackpots in Dice and DiceV2 are the same.

Rules for Progressive Jackpot in Dice and DiceV2:  

  • The final result of the roll is displayed as either 7.777 or 77.777
  • The final result is a definite winning roll
  • Players’ final bet amount placed and the final profit amount gained fulfill the least amount mentioned by the casino

When a player meets all the rules above, and their winning amount is well over the minimum amount mentioned by the casino, they take home the entire Jackpot amount. Otherwise, they are rewarded with even only a percentage of the jackpot. This means they can even win the least amount of jackpot, 1%. if they meet the rules mentioned at the casino.

Rules for Progressive Jackpot in Roulette:

  • Players land all four consecutive bets with a result in 7. In all bets, players have to use the same cryptocurrency. 
  • The player must win a profit amount that is higher than the bet amount they have placed. 
  • Players meet the minimum amount stated by the casino for their placed bet amount and profit earned.

A player must meet all the rules and minimum win amount in all 4 bets, to win the entire prize amount from Roulette’s Jackpot. Otherwise, the players still have the chance to win a proportional share of the Jackpot where the least amount is stated as 1%.

Win More at CryptoGames:

Higher player level holders get to enjoy many more rewards from the casino as they complete the basic tasks around the casino. For example, the more they are placing bets, chatting with other players, and building a strong community, the more they get to win rewards from the casino. All players get to win incredible rewards through the Faucet, Rainbot, VIP memberships, Promotional events, etc. Since every new player begins at 0 player level, they get to partake in the thrill of surpassing their fellow gamblers on board and make way for rewards. They also get to relish a great gaming experience through the rewarding systems. It is fair to say that all the rewarding systems effortlessly complement the casino’s low house edge policy. A short description regarding the rewarding systems is given below:

The Faucet:

With the built-in faucet, players get to test the available games with zero risk before depositing. The highest player level achiever can make 60 faucet requests in a day. If the players want to continue testing their strategies for the games, then they can rely on PlayMoney.

The Rainbot:

For being active in the chatroom, being a consistent player on the website, and contributing to the betterment of the community, players get to increase their player levels. As mentioned above, the higher a players level is the more chances of winning rewards appear. Through the Rainbot, small amounts of cryptocurrency are (AKA Rain) dealt with in random intervals between 30 and 90 minutes. This is however only applicable if enough users have participated in the chat since the last rain was dealt.

Referral Programs: 

CryptoGames aims to build a community that not only promotes the excitement of crypto gambling but also the amazing chances of a responsible gambling experience. To do this, the casino encourages the players in sharing the referral codes with others. And for that, the casino also rewards them for a lifetime. If any new player uses a referral code given by any existing player, then the referrer will earn 15% off the house edge from every bet placed by their referred players. This will be available for as long as their referred players keep on placing bets on the games.

VIP Privileges:

CryptoGames’ monthly gambling events encourage the players to test their betting skills against each other. Through healthy competitions, the players aim to win month-long rewards. Once the players secure their positions at the top of the leader board after the betting contests, they get to enjoy:

  • Exclusively dropped house edge for Dice bets. The house edge drops down to 0.8%  for an entire month. 
  • All bets placed by the VIP members get the highest priority even if they are small amounts of bets. For an entire month, there are zero server-side delays.
  • Higher exchange limits for all cryptocurrencies they use on the website. 
  • Exclusive entry to the VIP chatrooms where they even get to engage with the managers of the casino.
  • Cool VIP tags to flash on the Chatbox 
  • Birthday gift worth $100 for Bitcoins. All top players with tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher get to enjoy this exclusive privilege.
  • Request number for faucets get increased!

Smoothest Transaction Systems:

A huge part of online gambling is dependent on the casinos’ transaction systems. Keeping that in mind and to ensure a flawless transaction system for the players, CryptoGames offers both “new age” and traditional systems in the casino. The players who are more at ease with the regular methods are free to Deposit, Withdraw, or Exchange their cryptocurrencies from their “Your Account” tab. And for others, the following two systems are available for smooth deposits or exchanges:


The transaction system is offering a modern system for the players that allows the deposit of funds through credit cards. Any players at the casino are free to use their fiat currencies since they can deposit the funds with the credit card deposit system. Onramper is the new measure incorporated at the casino as a third-party aggregator. Although the system is open for a wide range of fiat currencies, at CryptoGames, it is available for the cryptocurrencies: BTC and ETH. Any amount of fiat currencies can be deposited once the players complete verifying their identity and meet the requirements stated on the website of Onramper. A point to remember is that CryptoGames is in no way responsible for the transactions completed through Onramper.


The exchange services provided at the casino are now more open and flexible for different users of cryptocurrencies through ChangeNow. It is a reliable platform that allows CryptoGames players to convert their cryptocurrencies into the ten different crypto coins that are being offered at the casino. At ChangeNow, there are over 40 different cryptocurrencies that can be converted to the 10 cryptocurrencies available at CryptoGames. This is a praiseworthy step taken by the casino for anyone who doesn’t use any of the cryptocurrencies offered on the website.

Unbiased And Safe Gambling Policies at CryptoGames:

CryptoGames builds a responsible gambling community that relies completely on safe gambling policies for unbiased entertainment. Policies like the Time Out Policies, Self Exclusion policies, and helplines, make the ambiance at CryptoGames different than any other casinos. Gamblers from different parts of the world gather here for crypto gambling through futuristic resources. The wide range of available Cryptocurrencies, security measures, and games offer the players an incredible chance for relishing a classic gambling experience. Moreover, their provably fair policies in all their games ensure that the players relish nothing but the best service while they are on the website. Therefore, for all those who are seeking a highly reliable casino to explore crypto gambling at, then they can check out CryptoGames before anything else.

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