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Decentraland (MANA) Investors Ape In BudBlockz (BLUNT) Following Their 235% Presale Growth

The continual spike in the price of BudBlockz (BLUNT) has shifted many investors’ focus. Owing to the upward price movement in the crypto market this year, many crypto fans are constantly looking for cryptos that can boost their returns. While still on its presale, BudBlockz (BLUNT) already shows a 235% growth, leading to more investors coming from Decentraland (MANA).

Though Decentraland (MANA) is an existing crypto with a good track record, its investors are thrilled with the outstanding performance of BudBlockz (BLUNT). BudBlockz is getting closer to the top of the list of cryptocurrencies daily.

Experts predict BLUNT will reach a 3000% rise soon, which could be true because of the increase in cannabis consumption. The cannabis industry is flourishing, and BudBlockz (BLUNT) has become the only gateway for crypto investors to access amazing opportunities. The platform uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent cannabis e-commerce store.

Let’s dive in-depth to know more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) and the effect of its 235% growth on Decentraland (MANA).


Can BudBlockz (BLUNT) Be Reliable For Investment?

The interest of every crypto investor is to increase earnings and multiply wealth. When doing this, different factors must be considered: safety, returns on investment, and assets. While BudBlockz (BLUNT) believes the security and privacy of every investor are paramount, the platform has been built to ensure trust at all times. BudBlockz is the first decentralized eCommerce store that helps crypto lovers invest in the cannabis market.

The cannabis industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. According to experts’ predictions, the market cap of cannabis is expected to rise to $176.9 billion in the next ten years. Of course, BudBlockz’s mission is to connect cannabis and crypto lovers around the globe to access premium goods and services.

BudBlockz (BLUNT) utilizes BLUNT as its in-house currency to facilitate transaction processes. With the BLUNT currency, members can purchase cannabis products through peer-to-peer (P2P) and own an NFT item. Members who own any of the Ganja Guruz NFT collections are qualified for fractional ownership opportunities. These opportunities create more avenues for investors to increase their channels of earnings in the cannabis industry.

Members who own an NFT can access the BudBlockz NFT marketplace. The platform is similar to OpenSea, but members can only exchange NFTs for BLUNT currency. To further enhance a good user experience, the BudBlockz (BLUNT) community also owns its decentralized wallet called BudBlockz wallet. The application is available on mobile and web devices. It seeks to ensure fast and secure transactions at all times.


Decentraland (MANA): The Community For Virtual Existence

The Ethereum blockchain powers Decentraland (MANA) as the virtual real estate investment ecosystem. An investor will want to diversify and gain more significant rewards. The Decentraland ecosystem allows members to create and monetize their content like NFTs.

When members purchase a plot of land, they can either build on it or resell it for higher profit. Members must be holders of MANA tokens to gain access to the virtual world. In the Decentraland metaverse, investors can explore the beauty and purchase as many plots as possible. Decentraland (MANA) supports members’ contributions by adopting the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) system. This system allows members to make constructive suggestions for the ecosystem’s growth.

The BudBlockz (BLUNT) ecosystem is congested with many outstanding features needed to excite every investor. As Decentraland MANA investors enjoy the eternal rewards in BudBlockz, it is no surprise that they will be overwhelmed with the earnings opportunities. As the presale grows by 235%, it is expected to perform better in the future.

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