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Decentralized Video Platform BitTube Adds Its First Licensed TV Channel

Decentralizing online video platforms will be both challenging and exciting. Although it will not be easy to do, it would appear BitTube has begun making some big inroads in this regard. The platform recently welcomed its first officially licensed TV channel.

A Major Step Forward for BitTube

Most people who keep a close eye on various blockchains will have come across the BitTube project at some point. This particular platform is designed to offer access to a decentralized video service which does not involve any advertisements. Considering that ads are ruining the traditional online video watching experience these days, platforms such as BitTube may be able to make an impact.

Making this decentralized video content platform more appealing, however, will not be easy by any means. After all, there is a good reason why YouTube is so popular these days. It simply has the most content, an easy-to-use interface, and a high video quality standard. Even though the site has been cracking down on content creators as of late, it seems the platform will not lose its dominant market position anytime soon.

Despite the obvious hurdles waiting to be overcome, BitTube may have the potential to disrupt the video industry in one way or another. By adding a fully licensed TV channel to its decentralized platform, the project has taken a major step forward. While one TV channel will not shake things up immediately, it means more channels may be added over time.

Gala TV is a very interesting addition to BitTube for many reasons. It is a TV channel owned by PIXER, and broadcasts throughout Europe and the Middle East. Having such a well-known network as part of BitTube shows there is a genuine interest in the concept of decentralized video streaming and content delivery.  

Peer-to-peer live streaming of existing TV channels will undoubtedly lead to many different use cases and business models moving forward. While there is a growing interest in streaming services already, most of them are still extremely centralized. Whether or not BitTube will succeed in decentralizing this entire industry remains to be seen. However, no one can deny that the company is making some big strides thanks to the addition of Gala TV, especially at such an early stage in the platform’s development.

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