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Despite the popularity of altcoins like Litecoin (LTC) and Chainlink (LINK), DigiToads (TOADS) is carving out its own niche in the crypto market

The cryptocurrency market is replete with options that cater to investor groups of varied interests. You have meme coins for those interested in innovative projects, Web 3.0 games for gaming enthusiasts, and stak-to-earn portals for hard-core crypto traders. But what if you could do all this with a single cryptocurrency? DigiToads is a newly launched meme token that combines varying cryptocurrency features to create a next-generation economic design that is being used as a game changer for the decentralized finance ecosystem.

DigiToads: DeFi’s market’s new sensation

DigiToads is a next-generation meme coin that leverages the features of different cryptocurrencies to offer high-end utility to its users. Combining a meme coin with a Web 3.0 game and stake-to-earn platform, DigiToads offers people multiple opportunities to earn residual incomes. These opportunities range from staking to trading to giveaways and prize draws to participation in trading competitions and play-to-earn games. As a cryptocurrency for beginners, it ticks all the right boxes and gives a crypto user ample room to explore all opportunities before making a decision. Its native token, TOADS, doubles up as a governance token as well.

The TOADS token can be procured by participating in the presale process, which is presently in its sixth stage. Analysts feel that the rest of the stages would be equally profitable for the project. A distinctive factor about the TOADS token is that it helps in combating inflation with its deflationary model. The team burns the tokens regularly to keep their supply low. A scarce supply, in turn, keeps any price fluctuations in check.

What makes DigiToads one of the best crypto for beginners in today’s market is its interactive Web 3.0 game where one can bag crypto rewards by completing challenges in the game. Featuring the settings of an arena-like swamp, the game entails players trying to outperform each other in their bid to manage the highest scores. To gain an edge over their competitor, a player can seek the help of DigiToads, which are a breed of digital creatures that possess special powers and abilities. All in-game assets, including DigiToads and items like food, potions, or training equipment for them, can be bought using the TOADS token. A part of the sales from these products will be used for maintaining the liquidity pool. The winners who will be declared at the end of the season will be getting TOADS tokens as a reward.

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Are bullish days ahead for Litecoin?

Litecoin is a low-cost and secure cryptocurrency that facilitates instant online payments globally. Its native token is LTC. Litecoin was designed on the Bitcoin protocol, but over the years it has evolved to gain an edge over the latter. Litecoin differs from Bitcoin in terms of the hashing algorithm used on the network and block transaction times, among other factors. What makes it a good crypto to buy is its widespread industrial application. As Litecoin has a block time of just 2.5 minutes, micro-transactions and payments using point-of-sale machines can be made at a low cost and with speed. Recently, the LTC token saw some positive price action due to a jump in Bitcoin’s transaction fee. With the market indicators pointing at a bullish pattern, analysts feel that the token will be staying in the bullish zone for now.

Chainlink might be headed for a bull rally

Chainlink is among the top crypto coins that have been driving impact in the crypto market for years. Released in 2017, Chainlink is an open-source abstraction layer that connects smart contracts. Its native token is LINK and it is a medium of exchange on the network. The network is powered by the oracles network which facilitates seamless interactions between blockchain and data feeds and payment methods. These interactions provide crucial off-chain inputs that are used by smart contracts. In the past few weeks, the LINK token has also witnessed positive price action and analysts feel that its bull rally could well continue for the coming months.


It might be difficult for an average crypto user to choose between Chainlink, Litecoin, and DigiToads, because of their functionality and market performance. Having said that, cryptocurrency analysts also like to look at the bigger picture. While assessing these cryptocurrencies’ long-term growth potential, analysts feel that DigiToads offers crypto users a better bet as it enables them to earn residual incomes via multiple sources. Over time, they expect the TOADS token to shoot past the 30x mark.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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