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Did Forbes Just Doxx a Key Member of BlockDAG’s Team? Layer 1 Project Records Over $1M Inflows

The people behind the rapidly ascending BlockDAG have been mired in mystery for quite some time now. For months, rumours have been circulating on social media about a prominent figure from Silicon Valley being majorly involved with BlockDAG. And now, with the recent Forbes article, this little piece of hearsay has seemingly confirmed this to be true. 

Who is this mysterious Silicon Valley bigshot behind BlockDAG? Is it the person Forbes accidentally doxxed? What effect has it had on BlockDAG? And what’s next in BlockDAG’s roadmap? Let’s find out.

Who is Charlie Lee? Forbes’ Lucky Accident Explained

In a new article, Forbes unintentionally doxxed a member of BlockDAG’s advisory committee. Going by the name ‘Charlie Lee’, the incident has driven social media wild with speculation about who this might be, with many a crypto investor excited that this could be the Silicon Valley giant people were hyping up.

While the doxxing was wholly accidental, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. BlockDAG is now raking in about $50,000 to $1 million a day, something which is almost unprecedented in the crypto space. As of this writing, the project has raised over $21.4 million in its explosive presale and sold over 5,000 crypto-mining rigs.

BlockDAG Explained; Next Layer 1 Giant? 

BlockDAG is an up-and-coming ICO crypto that aims to revolutionise the crypto space with its eco-friendly Directed Acyclic Graph structure, boasting lightning-fast speeds of over 10 blocks per second, aiming even higher. Offering smart contracts and top-notch security, it outshines traditional blockchains like SHA 256.

BDAG coins unlock a world of decentralised apps, incentivising user engagement. Its low-code platform simplifies token and NFT creation, accelerating project timelines. With a focus on high transaction throughput and early mainnet launch, BlockDAG pioneers innovation.

Its mining, eco-conscious and device-friendly, stands out with hybrid consensus and high hashing power per watt. Moreover, it allows you to mine Bitcoin, other major cryptos, as well as the BDAG coin, proving it’s not just a one-trick pony.

While the people behind the BlockDAG project remain a mystery, speculations have been put forward by social media users. Speculations support the rumour that a prominent figure from Silicon Valley is backing the project.

What Does the Doxxing Incident Mean for BlockDAG? 

BlcokDAG is slated to host its official doxxing event in July 2024, which begs the question, will BlockDAG rise higher than before after investors finally get to take a peek behind the curtain? Given how BlockDAG skyrocketed after Forbes’ unintentional doxxed a member of the advisory committee, investors might be inclined to answer yes, but nothing’s certain as of yet.

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