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Did You Pass Up Uniswap? Introducing hybrid exchange Tradecurve

The cryptocurrency market has been renowned for its turmoil, where the values can vary quickly, directly dependent on the state of the market and the rate at which investors buy or sell altcoins. Join us as we explore the current market trends for Uniswap and Tradecurve, a hybrid exchange platform that is currently in its presale stage.



  • Uniswap increased by 11.9% in the past week.
  • Tradecurve surged 80% from its starting value
  • The TCRV token to surge by 100x according to market analysts

Uniswap and Its Recent Performance

The Uniswap team created an optimistic outlook for the project in mid-June, as they announced their vision for Uniswap v4, where they see it as a core infrastructure. One of the latest developments will be a new way to customize liquidity pools through an introduction of hooks, which can enable dynamically adjusted fees or the creation of new order types in pools.

Uniswap initially surged in value, and on  May 3, 2021, it traded at a value of $44.92, marking its all-time high point of value. However, as of June 28, 2023, it trades at 88.53% under this price point. Its value is currently at 5.12%, and within the last 24 hours, Uniswap dipped in value by 3.3%.

When we go over its weekly performance, the low point for Uniswap was at $4.53, while its high point was at $5.47. During the last week, Uniswap did increase by 11.9%, but it’s still 0.4% lower in value on the monthly chart.

Tradecurve and Its Hybrid Approach

However, while the price of Uniswap is currently uncertain, another project managed to grab a lot of attention with its most recent growth in value, and that’s Tradecurve.

Over the past week, Tradecurve displayed a bullish momentum, where it ended up experiencing an increase of 20%. The surge indicates a growing interest in the platform alongside the underlying cryptocurrency, TCRV.

Tradecurve is a trading platform that utilizes a hybrid approach, where it combines the best elements seen in CEXs and DEXs to provide a truly open and user-friendly experience for beginners and experienced traders. It offers many features and services with the objective of facilitating a seamless trading experience with investment opportunities in multiple financial markets.

It will lower the barrier of entry into many markets, including US and European equity CFDs, bonds, ETFs, options, commodities, indices, and forex, alongside cryptocurrencies. This is done by not requiring users to complete any sign-up KYC checks. As more individuals are becoming privacy-conscious, removing these intrusive and time-consuming requirements enables a completely anonymous trading experience.

Tradecurve caters to both beginners as well as experienced traders, as it introduces a Trading Academy, and the ability for anyone to subscribe to automated and AI trading bots, whilst also implementing features like copy trading to make it suitable for beginners who want to learn and participate within the online trading market. At the same time, the platform also offers negative balance protection, a VIP account system with level-up bonuses and perks, and high leverage starting at 500:1, making it an attractive option for experienced traders.

TCRV is at the core of the project, and it trades for only $0.018. The presale is in Stage 4 and has already surged by 80%, where the original starting price was at just $0.01.

Also there is a bonus of 50% available, until July 3. 2023. The TCRV token will also get listed on Tier-1 exchanges and on Uniswap, causing many market analysts to forecast a 100x growth in its value.

This provides an excellent alternative to those who passed up on the initial growth of Uniswap and want to buy a high-growth altcoin that is expected to see exponential gains.

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