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DigiToads Ambitious Goals in DeFi and Meme Coins Explain Massive Liquidation of NANO For TOADS

The cryptocurrency market has been buzzing with the stellar performances of meme coins over the past few weeks. These meme-inspired tokens are smashing crypto records while paving the way for new innovative projects to drive impact in the sector. For instance, DigiToads (TOADS) has left both crypto users as well as analysts stunned by its growth and presale success. Its hybrid DeFi model is a major draw among users as it can offer new opportunities for earning passive income to its users. These options include staking, participating in various competitions, trading cryptocurrencies and playing Web 3.0 games, and winning tokens as prizes.

The platform’s native cryptocurrency, the TOADS token, is among the hottest-selling coins in the market and has been labeled as one of the best new icos of 2023. DigiToads’ presale has completed nine out of 10 stages. It has collected over $6.4 million in funding while selling over¬† 92% of the tokens reserves for stage ten. Many NANO holders have been shifting funds to the TOADS token due to its impressive DeFi platform and huge presale success.

DigiToads: Cryptocurrency trading for beginners simplified

The play-to-earn game developed by the DigiToads team is a surprise package. From lucrative rewards to stellar graphics to exciting gameplay, the game has all the makings of a thrilling game. The game will have 12 seasons in a year. The highest scorers of every season will be walking home with TOADS tokens as a prize.

To score well, players have to outperform their competitors in a Metaverse swamp that’s designed like an arena. As the game gets more challenging, players might need some help. If that happens, they can buy or trade a special digital creature with unique powers and unparalleled strength which are called DigiToads. These DigiToads have different powers, so there might be a chance that your competitor’s DigiToad might have a stronger set of skills. A player can offset this advantage by purchasing food, potions, or training equipment for their DigiToad. The tokens accumulated from the sale of both DigiToads and other in-game assets are diverted toward maintaining the prize pool for the game.

Another benefit that you can enjoy with DigiToads is staking. The longer you are ready to stake your tokens, the higher would be your rewards. The team gives out these rewards from a staking pool that’s maintained by proceeds deducted from all TOADS transactions.

A key reason behind DigiToads’ phenomenal success is the trading competitions that its team organizes every month. These competitions will not only test players’ acumen for trading but also help the team spot talented community members who could help in running the treasury. The participant who trades with the highest volume of profit wins the competition and shares the profits with the platform. The winners also get trained in treasury management under the guidance of the DigiToads team. After the training, they go on to assist the team in managing the treasury.

Is a bull rally around the corner for Nano?

A top altcoin that has been frequently dubbed the “digital currency” of the modern world, Nano is a state-of-the-art crypto project which facilitates seamless and lightning-fast transactions. In doing so, it also addresses several limitations of legacy DeFi platforms. Its native token is XNO which comes in handy while dealing with a range of transactional purposes on the network. The platform leverages a block-lattice data structure with which users can transfer value to another user without needing the support of a centralized authority. Also, instead of a regular consensus protocol, Nano uses Open Representative Voting (ORV) for validating transactions on the network. The XNO token has been witnessing a surge in activity over the past few weeks. Going by market data, analysts feel that the XNO token has the potential to post a strong bullish momentum in the coming months.


If you are not sure about what crypto should I buy, you can fall back on DigiToads as it is a multi-utility backed project. The Ethereum-powered platform has been making rapid strides with its cutting-edge model that has the capacity to drive financial empowerment. The platform’s decentralized governance structure is another USP that boosts its growth potential. With decentralized governance, the platform encourages community members to act in DigiToads’ best interests and win rewards for actively participating on the network.

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