Dogecoin Price Remains in the Green Over the Weekend

In the cryptocurrency world, very few projects effectively possess the necessary branding to make a lasting impact. Bitcoin and Ethereum seem to check the right boxes, although it would appear Dogecoin is clearly up there as well. Given its current value increase, the Dogecoin price also appears to be nearing the $0.0021 level once again.

Dogecoin Price Keeps Rising

Finding any true market indicator over the weekend has been a futile effort over the past few years. Cryptocurrency markets operate on their own accord and seemingly don’t always follow the overall sentiment. Dogecoin, while usually a stable coin, has become increasingly popular because it can maintain its value under most circumstances. In some rare cases, it can even gain value when traders least expect it.

To put this in perspective, the past 24 hours have yielded a minor Dogecoin price increase. Following a 0.53% improvement in USD and 0.36% gain in BTC value, it would appear Dogecoin is performing rather well. So much even that reaching $0.0021 should not pose any real problems moving forward. The 51 Satoshi level will also remain in play, but a surge in this department remains unlikely.

The big news of the weekend is how a new alpha version of the Doge Racer game has been made available to Patrons. There will also be a live stream of this game this weekend, and further bug fixes will occur over the next few days. It is evident developing a Dogecoin-oriented game is not easy, but the progress to date seems very promising.

It would also appear a potential scam is making the rounds in the cryptocurrency world. Users are being targeted to buy company names through the Ethereum Name Service by an unknown individual. One user even responded by offering to pay 5,000 DOGE instead of 5,000 ETH for this purpose. It seems unlikely that offer will be accepted, though.

For those who merely look at the DOGE price chart, it is a bit difficult to make sense of what will happen next. As there is still no clear direction in place, this minor uptrend can be negated without too many problems. Even so, the weekly chart doesn’t look half bad right now which may indicate some upward momentum will materialize fairly soon.

As is always the case where Dogecoin is concerned, the current market conditions can change at any given momentum. Whether that will be for better or worse, is a difficult question to answer at this point. There isn’t much trading volume and the overall gains are relatively small. However, for a Sunday, it will keep most holders rather happy.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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