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DTX Exchange Upcoming Privacy Layer 1 Gaining Attention with $590,000 Presale as Chainlink Investors Set Sight on $20 Amid Ethereum Rally

Riding on the wave of SEC approval, Ethereum was flooded with institutional capital, kick-starting a new bull run with many experts anticipating a climb to an all-time high. This positive cascade spread to the broader crypto market; however, amidst lagging altcoins, Chainlink stole the spotlight with its impressive surge to become one of the top gainers of the ETH rally.

Meanwhile, a new altcoin, DTX Exchange, has been leading the presale ecosystem with its massive upside potential and technological prowess to become one of the fastest-growing communities in 2024.

As excitement builds up, experts have joined the debate to shed some light on the driving forces behind Chainlink and the new project, DTX Exchange, to determine their future course in the coming quarter.

Ethereum (ETH) Rally Spurs Optimism as Bulls Aim for a New All-Time High in 2024 

Ethereum, one of the largest blockchains in the crypto ecosystem, with a market cap of over $440 billion, witnessed an impressive rally over the past month, growing by over 20% as its price jumped from $2800 to above $3700.

This renewed positive trajectory was attributed to the approval of Form 19b-4, which was the first hurdle on the road to Ethereum ETF approval. According to CoinMarketCap, ETH has observed a minor correction, dipping by over 1% in the last 24 hours due to selling pressures

However, despite the setback, the market remains optimistic, with experts hinting at a potential bullish reversal once Ethereum ETFs enter the trading market, which is expected to draw in a huge pool of investors that is likely to pave the way for its climb to a new all-time high in 2024.

Chainlink (LINK) Gearing Up To Surpass $20 Amid Ethereum (ETH) Rally

Shrugging off the bearish sentiment of the fluctuating markets, the upcoming update of Chainlink’s partnership with Swift has inspired confidence in the LINK community, and capitalizing on the Ethereum rally, it observed increased investor activity, as its price jumped from $16 to above $18 in the last 7 days.

The positive sentiment has greatly bolstered sales, with CoinMarketCap data showing Chainlink growing by over 9% as its price soared past the $18 level in the past week. As excitement builds up for its upcoming updates, market analysts forecast sustained bullish momentum that is likely to propel LINK past the $20 level in the coming week.

Next 100x Presale Coin DTX Exchange Unveil New Privacy Layer 1 As Presale Surpasses $590,000 

Standing out with its impressive 100x ROI potential, DTX Exchange has been gaining ground in the presale ecosystem with its cutting-edge features and diverse trading options. The market’s growing confidence was demonstrated in its ground-breaking presale, which has soared past $590,000 in just 3 weeks.

Following the announcement of a new privacy layer 1 feature, analyst predictions of DTX Exchange prospects have surged, with many setting an optimistic target above $3 on its public listing from its current offering price of $0.04 in stage 2.

With projections of a 7500% increase and an impressive list of features, including a phenomenal 1000x leverage and over 120,000 trading options, DTX Exchange has captivated traders. Its unparalleled opportunity has appealed to traders looking to generate huge returns with minimal capital.

Moreover, the platform’s unique hybrid model has quickly established its position as a formidable rival in future markets. The seamless integration of centralized and decentralized systems allows users to trade without any KYC (know your customer) requirements.

In addition, its innovative noncustodial wallet approach significantly improves the security and privacy of its users by promoting individual ownership of assets and private keys. The token’s rapid adoption and growing popularity have set the stage for its potential rally, with many whales jumping for the chance to become holders of the DTX token.


While the initial hype of Ethereum ETF approval is fading away, the market remains optimistic, with many investors preparing for ETH’s potential rally in the coming quarter. In contrast, Chainlink has built a strong foundation with its commitment to innovation, with its ongoing updates driving up the rice as experts set their sights on $20 in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, DTX Exchange has sparked investors’ interest with its massive upside potential backed by its remarkable features, drawing a huge wave of capital to its presale to become one of the most profitable investment opportunities in 2024.

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