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Electroneum iOS App Review

Electroneum’s slogan is the “mobile themed cryptocurrency,” and the cryptocurrency wouldn’t be complete without an iOS app. The ETN Android app was released all the way back in August of 2017 and the iOS app was expected shortly after. However, as any iOS app developer knows, Apple has been getting more and more strict with approving apps to their App Store and development for the iOS version of the app took longer than expected.

As the saying goes “good things are worth waiting for” and the Electroneum iOS app doesn’t disappoint. After being released on Feb 1st of 2019 it already has over 250 reviews and bolsters a 5 star rating. Let’s check out the app and see what features it offers.

When you first download the app you must login to your account using either Facebook or the account you created on the Electroneum website. If you don’t have an account with Electroneum it does take a few minutes to set up but the steps are pretty straightforward. Once you log in you will need to authorize the device via an email link. The app definitely takes security seriously which is a necessity when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

When you finally log into the app there are four main tabs: Miner, Wallet, Value, and Settings. The Wallet tab allows you to send and withdraw Electroneum to and from the app and the Value tab allows you to check the price of ETN, check conversion rates of ETN to other currencies, and finally visit the exchanges that trade ETN.

If you go to the More tab, there is also a referral program which allows you to earn commission by introducing people to the app. In this section you are able to pull up your referral code for others to either scan or to input into their app. If you input someone else’s referral code you will show up on their referral list and vice versa. If you end up getting the app and would like to support NullTX enter our referral code which is: 5C92FA¬†or simply scan the below QR code:

Electroneum iOS App Referral Code

The best part of the app is of course the Miner which allows you to earn free Electroneum. The fist time you set up the cloud mining you will have to verify yourself with a selfie. While that may seem a bit intrusive it is a necessary evil in order to eliminate fraud. The verification process simply asks you to take a selfie with a certain gesture. Once you complete the selfie, the next prompt says: “Success. Thank you for taking the time to submit your selfie. We will ask for one more selfie, closer to your payout date.” At that point you can hit finish and cloud mining will begin.

Check out the above video for a quick demo of the app. If you end up downloading the app and liking it, make sure to leave a rating in the App Store to support the developers!

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