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Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: eCash Price Declines As Everlodge Gears Up for Rally

The cryptocurrency market is showing mixed signals, with altcoins experiencing contrasting price movements. On one end, Ethereum Classic and eCash are dealing with bearish pressure. On the other end of the market, Everlodge has been soaring, preparing for a fourth-quarter rally.

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Price Prediction As Ethereum Classic Drops Below $16

The price of Ethereum Classic has been on a decline since July, with bulls finally getting a breather in September. From a low of $14.5, the ETC price rallied as high as $16.90 in early October. However, bulls have lost their momentum, and Ethereum Classic is back in bear territory.

As a result of the recent decline, ETC has lost the $16 support and now approaching $15. The $15 support has served as a key level for Ethereum Classic. In the last 15 months, this support has been tested four times. 

The test of the $15 support is often followed by a major Ethereum Classic price rally. If this plays out again, then the price of ETC could reach $20 in the next few weeks. However, if the Ethereum Classic price breaks below $15, a drop to $10 could happen. 

eCash Price Declines, Any Hope for XEC?

Like Ethereum Classic, eCash (XEC) has been under bearish pressure since July. Since trading at $0.0000400, the price of eCash has declined by 40%. The drop has seen the price of XEC drop to $0.00002499 in October.

Despite the price drop, there could be hope for XEC as the eCash network grows in popularity. eCash utilizes a hybrid consensus algorithm combining PoW and PoS algorithms. This makes the network more secure and energy-efficient for transactions.

As a result, more projects are using eCash for transactions. As the network continues to grow, crypto experts have predicted an increase for XEC. eCash has been forecasted to reach a maximum price of $0.0000696 in 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG) Sets for Massive Rally in Q4

Like eCash, there are very bullish predictions for Everlodge. This is because the platform has a goal of making real estate investments accessible to everyone across the world. The platform will achieve this using blockchain technology, NFTs, and Web 3. 

The properties marketplace will be built on Ethereum to benefit from the wide range of resources on the blockchain. The project will use NFTs as digital replicas of luxury villas, vacation homes, and hotels. The metadata of the NFTs will hold the ownership details of any property on the marketplace. 

In addition, the NFTs will track the prices of the properties, increasing as their market value increases. To make investment available for everyone, Everlodge will divide these NFTs into smaller fractions. Each fraction represents a portion of the real estate property. This method allows anyone to become a co-owner of properties worth millions of dollars for as little as $100

This unique model eliminates the barrier to entry into real estate investments. ELDG tokens, the Everlodge platform’s native currency, are currently available for purchase for $0.023 apiece. This is an excellent opportunity for early investors to join the next blue-chip crypto project.

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