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Ethereum Price Explodes With Institutional Capital Inflow, $5000 Price Target Set While Investors Add Underrated ERC-20 Token to Portfolio

The Ethereum (ETH) price witnessed an explosive rally over the past month, growing by over 16% as its price jumped from $2800 to above $3800. Leading experts attributed the surge to the approval of Ethereum’s ETFs by the SEC, which has attracted a huge wave of capital and inspired optimism about a sustained rally in the coming weeks.

As excitement builds up, Ethereum (ETH) price is gearing up for a potential rally, and experts have joined the debate to shed some light on key driving factors that could propel the token to target $5000 in 2024.

Amidst this backdrop, a new ERC-20 token, DTX Exchange, has stolen the spotlight with its ground-breaking presale and technological prowess.

Will Ethereum (ETH) Price Hit $5000 in 2024?

Ethereum (ETH) continues to assert its dominance as the second-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $460 billion, and its recent rally to above $3800 marked a significant milestone with the SEC’s approval of Ethereum ETFs. 

The renewed bullish momentum sparked investor interest, bringing in a massive pool of capital, with trading volume shooting past $40 billion in the past week. According to CoinMarketCap data, Ethereum’s (ETH) price jumped by over 4% in the last week, climbing from $3700 to above $3800, reflecting the market’s confidence in its financial future.

Despite the reduced trading activity in the last 24 hours, the market sentiment remains bullish, with Ethereum TVL locked in at above $66 billion based on DefiLlama, marking a jump of nearly 2x from January, demonstrating the positive influence of Ethereum ETFs approval.

In the coming weeks, leading analysts are forecasting a major price spike once Ethereum ETFs start trading, which is expected to bring in significant institutional investment and could act as a precursor for its sustained rally that could propel Ethereum (ETH) price to target $5000 in 2024.

DTX Exchange: New ERC-20 Token Promising 100x ROI Potential as Presale Hits $570,000 

A next-generation platform, DTX Exchange has been gaining ground as one of the best presale coins, luring investors with a stunning 100x ROI potential backed by its cutting-edge features and record-breaking presale performance.

DTX Exchange rose to prominence following a phenomenal $2 million private seed round, demonstrating its attractive potential for investors. With analysts projecting a surge to $3 near its public listing, investors are rushing to buy the DTX for the low price of $0.04 in stage 2 as presale shoots past $570,000.

Emerging as a DeFi darkhorse, DTX Exchange captivated traders with its unmatched 1000x leverage feature. It quickly established itself as a formidable competitor with its unique appeal, allowing users to take larger positions with low capital to generate massive returns while maintaining their privacy with the platform’s hybrid approach that negates any KYC (know your customer) requirements.

Moreover, the platform’s distributed liquidity pools reduce slippage and provide an efficient trading environment so that traders can focus on maximizing their trading potential. 

Traders looking to generate exponential returns while protecting their assets can take advantage of DTX Exchange’s non-custodial wallet, which significantly enhances security by granting individual ownership of assets and private keys to its users.

Adding to the excitement is the launch of an upcoming privacy layer 1 blockchain in the DTX Exchange ecosystem that is expected to attract a huge wave of investors as presale the heats up.


As Ethereum ETFs trading begins, institutional capital inflow is likely to bolster sales and push ETH price to greater heights in the coming quarter. On the other hand, this new ERX-20 token, DTX Exchange, stands out for its stunning 100x upside and its remarkable list of features, which has positioned it as one of the best investment opportunities in the presale ecosystem of 2024.

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