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Exciting Updates for Genesis Box: A New Era of Opportunities

RACA cryptocurrency is currently in the attention of most crypto traders in the last few days, as the price is also skyrocketing to new highs. In the last 30 days, RACA has risen from $0.0001518 to a new high of $0.0006847.

Of course, this represents a notable 351%. increase. Furthermore, in an exciting development for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the project recently announced the Genesis Mystery Box project updates and airdrop program. 

This initiative aims to enhance long-term engagement and diversity within the project while also providing equal opportunities for all the intending participants.

Transitioning to Genesis Box And Airdrop Structure

To show its evolving vision, the project has rebranded its Genesis Mystery Box as the Genesis Box. This rebranding signifies a fresh start and underscores the project’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

Moving forward, the Genesis Box will introduce an on-chain lottery system to determine the tier of airdrops. This system will ensure fairness and transparency, offering participants the chance to receive VVIP, VIP, or N-level airdrops.

Lottery Results Diversity and Improved Accessibility For All

Notably, with each new airdrop, the lottery results will vary, creating anticipation and excitement among participants. This approach fosters a dynamic ecosystem where every member has the opportunity to access VVIP-level rewards.

In a bid to cater to smaller holders, the project has transitioned to a fixed pricing model for Genesis Box subscriptions. Additionally, the number of available Genesis Boxes has been increased to accommodate a wider audience.

New Airdrop Plan Details/Website To Pay Attention To

The subscription period for Genesis Boxes will be limited to three days, with a maximum allocation of 30,000 boxes. Each Genesis Box will be priced at 2 million $RACA, offering participants an affordable entry point into the program.

Starting March 13th at 6AM UTC, participants can deposit 2 million $RACA per wallet to subscribe to a Genesis Box. Multiple units can be deposited per wallet, providing flexibility for participants.

  • Time Limit: 3 days
  • Size Limit: 30,000 Genesis Boxes
  • Price: 2 million $RACA for one Genesis Box

Users can purchase a Genesis Box by visiting the #RACA NFT marketplace through the provided link,

Upon the completion of the subscription period(which will be shortly after the Bitcoin halving), Genesis Box NFTs will be distributed alongside the first batch of airdrops from third-party meme coins. Participants can anticipate a diverse range of rewards based on their Genesis Box tier and subscription order.


With these updates, the Genesis Box project is poised to usher in a new era of opportunities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Stay tuned for the launch of the Genesis Box subscription event and embark on your journey towards exciting rewards! Traders can also monitor RACA as these events can be a price spike catalyst for the cryptocurrency, taking its price value to a new high. 

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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