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Expert Traders Focus on Everlodge (ELDG), Helium (HNT), and Sei (SEI) for Potential Price Boosts

Expert investors are casting their eyes on three promising prospects: Everlodge (ELDG), Helium (HNT), and Sei (SEI). These assets have gained significant attention for their potential to deliver substantial price boosts. Among them, Everlodge is particularly noteworthy as it currently offers discounted tokens during a presale phase. Let’s take a closer look.

Helium (HNT) Coin Price Prediction Q1 2024

Helium has blasted back into the top 100 cryptocurrencies after a long time. Its price has shot up by an astonishing 66% in just a week, making it the third-highest gainer of all 100 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap’s front page.

This surge can be attributed to the release of Helium Mobile, which is an outdoor hotspot that rewards MOBILE tokens to those who provide access to their 5G cellular data. The MOBILE token itself has pumped by more than 20x in the last two weeks.

The Helium chart shows the break of two key resistance levels at $3.20 and $5.80. This explains such a rapid increase in price and the potential for further growth. Experts believe that with the current DePIN narrative, Helium could reach $20 in Q1 2024.

However, the Helium price must first hold onto the new-found gains and break past the psychological resistance at $10. Experts advise monitoring the Helium stats to see if more hotspots come online and if adoption increases over the next few weeks.

Everlodge (ELDG): Affordable Luxury Investment Starts at $100

Owning a $16m beachfront villa is no longer a dream just for the high-flyers. With Everlodge’s innovative approach to fractional ownership, just $100 is all it takes to own a piece of this luxurious villa.

Everlodge’s brilliance lies in transforming physical properties into NFTs that represent ownership of the real estate. The benefits of this innovation include reduced barriers to entry, easy transfer of ownership, fewer middlemen, and increased liquidity.

Everlodge is more than just a marketplace. There is the Rewards Club for member perks, the Launchpad for crowdfunding investments, and the Lending program for loans secured by property assets. These features allow investors to diversify their portfolios and access previously untouchable real estate investments.

Everlodge has caught the attention of expert investors who see immense potential in this project. They believe that Everlodge could be the next big thing in real estate investment, and with a current market cap of just over $21m, 30x gains on launch day are not out of the question.

These impressive comments have caused some FOMO during the Everlodge presale, with the native token rising from $0.010 to the current price of $0.027. There isn’t long before the next price rise, so we expect to see even more tokens sold in the following days.

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Sei (SEI): No Overhead Resistance in Sight for This Crypto Powerhouse

The Sei team proudly declares Sei as the fastest layer-1 for trading. Sei supports the infrastructure needed for GameFi, DeFi, and NFTs to be traded at blazing speeds and costs that won’t break the bank.

The potential for Sei to become the Nasdaq of the decentralized world is one of the reasons why expert investors are keeping a close eye on this project. The fact that Sei managed to raise more than $120 million pre-mainnet shows the enthusiasm and faith of investors.

Sei is the best-performing asset in the top 100 rankings in the last 24 hours, with a 57% pump to a current price of $0.3615. This sudden pump can be explained by the break and retest of the $0.22 support/resistance level. But can Sei keep this momentum going?

The chart suggests that there is no overhead resistance, so the potential for Sei to continue its bull run toward all-time highs is high. Sei’s valuation of $800 million may seem high, but there is no reason why Sei cannot catch up to Cardano by growing 24x throughout 2024. Keeping an eye on the TVL is worthwhile to get an up-to-date view of Sei’s development and growth.

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