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Fantom and Aave Under Market Pressure While KangaMoon Provides 272% ROI

Aave is currently struggling to break free from the downtrend after a big decrease. With its volatility level still high, Fantom has seen its price devalue as the bearish sentiments take shape. While these tokens are dropping, KangaMoon is gaining rapid momentum, emerging as the hope of stability for many disgruntled individuals. Following up on its 400% reward for early investors, KangaMoon is positioned for big profit now that it is listed on top exchanges.

KangaMoon Meteoric Rise To Stardom Grows Investors Attraction

As Fantom and Aave struggled to break free from the downward trajectory, KangaMoon’s continuous surge after its listing is a surprise to many. While the presale was a monumental success, KangaMoon has hit the ground running after listing on exchanges. Having worth $0.025 by the end of the presale, KangaMoon has skyrocketed by 272% with the token now trading close to $0.1.

Having already gained 400% profit in the presale, early buyers are now up by 672% ROI based on CoinMarketCap data. With many cryptos sinking deeper into the downtrend, KangaMoon is one of the few tokens that has not only stabilized but also improved their price value. This rate of surge has elicited more interest from new investors who are captivated by KangaMoon potential.

Aside from the gains of the past week, the KangaMoon staking system is a good reason to purchase the token. Potentially, investors can earn up to 90% APY rewards depending on their staking ability. As part of further ecosystem development, the platform has lined up a series of games that is set to be launched in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, there is more to come from KangaMoon as envisaged by crypto analysts such as Crypto Trader Pro who believe that the token could be the next Shiba Inu. With the KangaMoon market cap still at less than $100 million, the tokens potential has been noted by many investors who are ready to trade the token at BitMart and Uniswap.

Aave Faces A Battle Against Bearish Trends

Incredibly, Aave was projected to hit at least $150 in 2024 when it started to experience bullish momentum in March. However, the hope is starting to nosedive after the Aave price plummeted by 14% in the past month based on CoinMarketCap data. This was also closely followed by the Aave market cap which is barely above $1 billion.

Zooming in on the trading charts, Aave has had 16 green days in the past 30 days, indicating that the bears are in control. With Aave coin also dipping in the past week, only a strong bullish momentum can spark an uptrend for Aave.

Can Fantom Token Achieve $1 Target in July?

Fantom has considerably dipped in the past month by more than 30% based on market stats. While the Fantom trading volume suggests an uptrend, the bears have hit back through the Fantom market cap which has been unable to reach $2 billion.

While the token market sentiment is surprisingly neutral, another drop of 5% last week has investors considering their options. Unless the bulls pull up a strong show in July, Fantom’s price may not be able to reach $1.

Is Further Increase Possible For KangaMoon?

Having given a combined 1000% profit in the presale and after listing, KangaMoon is turning heads and more investors are coming in. Although the market volatility is a concern, the token is still expected to produce more positive momentum before the bull cycle comes.

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