Google Pixel AR Playmoji Ad Grabs Headlines During 2019 Grammy Awards

Google has successfully captured a lot of headlines during the 2019 Grammy awards. The advertisement aired by the technology giant got people talking on social media. A new Playmoji – formerly known AR Stickers – pack has been showcased during the ceremony. This feature is also exclusive to Google’s Pixel line of smartphones, which can bring a lot more attention to this range of devices.

Google Snatches its own Grammy Award

Popular events such as the Grammy Awards always attract a lot of viewers. Everyone wants to see who gets nominated and takes home a prize. These events are also great times for companies looking to advertise specific products and services when so many people are watching. Google, the technology giant, seemingly took advantage of this opportunity with its latest Pixel smartphone advertisement.

During the advertisement, the company displayed a new Playmoji pack featuring Childish Gambino. While that might not necessarily sound too appealing, the Playmoji pack is designed to show off the Pixel 3’s augmented reality capabilities. In the ad, viewers saw an AR representation of Childish Gambino stand side-by-side with the real person. As both “individuals” contested in a dance-off, it quickly became apparent this technology has come a very long way in recent years.

The advertisement also drove home a very important point. Google is intent on letting the world – and its own competitors – know this type of functionality is theirs and theirs only. In fact, the Childish Gambino Playmoji pack is available only on the Pixel 3. A very impressive manner of putting the device front and center. Moreover, it is also one of the better advertisements Google has put together in recent years.

While augmented reality is still in its infancy, there appears to be consumer-oriented market for this technology. With Donald Glover and the Playmoji seemingly having some good back-and-forth banter, one would almost forget one of the two isn’t even real. Moreover, Google effectively put the spotlight on the technology and its capabilities, rather than its own brand or even the Pixel 3. By ensuring the viewer remains intrigued and engaged, they seemingly got the maximum out of their ad during the 2019 Grammy Awards.

For those who own any of the Google Pixel smartphone models, downloading the Playmoji pack is now available. In doing so, they can put the AR representation of Childish Gambino into any video or picture they take using that device. It will undoubtedly lead to some hilarious images and videos on social media, all of which will further boost the appeal of AR technology.  It is not the first time Google announces exclusive AR stickers packs like these either.

In recent years, the company worked together with Avengers, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Stranger Things representatives to create Playmoji packs. It is the first time they advertised this technology during an event which has so much social “clout” associated with it. Apple, which remains one of Google’s biggest competitors in the mobile space, aired its own advertisement prior to and after the ceremony.

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