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Here Are The Top 4 Altcoins The Largest Crypto Market Makers Are Currently Investing In

The investments of the largest crypto market makers are the best clues for selecting altcoins for crypto investment. This is why ETFSwap (ETFS), alongside Arkham (ARKM), Ethereum (ETH), and Gala (GALA), has been touted as the top 4 altcoins to invest in ahead of the bull run as major market makers like GSR, Wintermute, and Amber Group have invested in them, and other major whales are following suit. 

Arkham (ARKM) On List Of Top Altcoins For Crypto Market Makers

Being the native token of a contemporary blockchain analysis platform that prioritizes transparent blockchain transactions, Arkham (ARKM) is gaining massive popularity among crypto market makers as GSR Markets has invested in the native ARKM token.

Arkham (ARKM) has been tipped to bring groundbreaking innovations into the Web 3.0 space with its proprietary AI system, ULTRA. With its ULTRA mechanism, Arkham (ARKM) successfully aggregates information from different chains which can be used by crypto market analysts for comprehensive ecosystem evaluation.

With its price already over $2 as of writing, the native ARKM token looks well-placed to hit $5 in the bull market.

Ethereum (ETH) Remains A Key Player In The Web3.0 Space

Ethereum (ETH) remains the second largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization close to $400 billion, and the largest market makers still see the native ETH token as a top investment.  Buoyed by the news of a potential Ethereum ETF following the recent Bitcoin ETF approval, the ecosystem psychology for Ethereum (ETH) has been positive, with Wintermute investing heavily in the native ETH token.

With its novel Dencun Upgrade, which aims to increase blockchain scalability by boosting transaction speed and reducing transaction fees, crypto analysts have predicted Ethereum (ETH) will hit a new all-time high.

Gaming Altcoins: Gala (GALA) Is Building A Profitable Play-To-Earn Blockchain

Gala (GALA) was one of the first movers for play-to-earn niches in the DeFi gaming space, and it has been a mainstay gaming ecosystem ever since. Consequently, major crypto market makers like GSR Markets have invested heavily in the native GALA token.

The native GALA token can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies within the Gala Games ecosystem, and it can also be used for in-game purchases. Moreover, Gala Games has recently announced the proposed launch of Project GYRI to be powered by the native GALA token. This proposed increased utility is making the rounds among crypto analysts and stakeholders; we might just see Gala (GALA) hit the $1 mark in the coming bull run.

Crypto Market Makers Bet Big On ETFSwap (ETFS) 

Along with Ethereum (ETH), Gala (GALA), and Arkham (ARKM), ETFSwap (ETFS) completes the list of the top 4 altcoins that the largest crypto market makers are investing in. The groundbreaking offerings of the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform bring a new dimension to cryptocurrency trading; thus, many crypto analysts tip ETFSwap (ETFS) to be the next market-making altcoin.

ETFSwap (ETFS) is a decentralized trading platform that allows users to swap crypto tokens with its high-liquid tokenized exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This platform makes ETF trading a viable investment as users can trade both crypto and real-world assets ETFs right on the blockchain without the need for a third-party broker.

Furthermore, ETFSwap (ETFS) boasts lucrative staking and perpetual trading options for its users to boost their liquidity. Users get to enjoy good yields from trading fees when they stake ETFS tokens and ear passive income this way. Additionally, they can also trade in long and short options directly from the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform for up to 50x leverage across all listed ETFs and up to 10x across all listed assets.

All ecosystem and trading activities on the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform will be powered by the native ETFS token, which is why demand for the coin has skyrocketed. In just stage 1 of its presale, over 65 million tokens have been sold out.

With the coin selling for a low $0.00854, major crypto analysts tip the token for a massive 200x from here, expecting its utilities to propel the price upon listing on exchanges. Experts have predicted that stage 1 is the best time to buy, given that the stage 2 presale price is expected to be 100% higher at $0.01831.

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