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Immutable (IMX) Climbs 7% in a Day; Mantle (MNT) & InQubeta (QUBE) Prep for Big Rally

Recently, we have witnessed some captivating changes in the crypto market. Immutable X (IMX) has seen its value leap by 7%, a notable achievement for the Web3 gaming token. Meanwhile, Mantle (MNT), known for powering a Layer-2 scaling solution, and InQubeta (QUBE), a pioneering AI crypto coin, are preparing for what could be a significant rally. This trio of top altcoins is drawing growing interest from investors, showcasing the market’s appetite for innovation and diversity.

InQubeta (QUBE): Bridging the AI and Crypto Investment Worlds

Among these, InQubeta stands out for its unique approach to combining AI with crypto. It’s more than just another platform; it’s a visionary venture that’s opening up new avenues in AI startup investments. Traditionally, this field has been a challenging terrain, accessible only to a select group with the right connections and resources. InQubeta is changing that narrative.

InQubeta’s approach of allowing fractional investments in AI startups through trending NFTs is groundbreaking. By leveraging QUBE tokens, investors can now get a piece of the AI pie, previously out of reach for many. This model, offering stakes or rewards in startups, is democratizing an elite investment space, making it accessible to a wider audience compared to other top DeFi projects.

But it’s not just about accessibility. The QUBE token itself is thoughtfully designed. As a deflationary ERC20 coin, it carries a 2% buy and sell tax for a burn wallet and a 5% tax for a rewards pool, encouraging a sustainable and long-term investment philosophy. Moreover, QUBE’s role as a governance token puts decision-making power in the hands of its holders, aligning with the ethos of community-driven growth in the crypto world.

The platform’s commitment to security and transparency is evident from its successful smart contract audit by Hacken and KYC verification by BlockAudit. With over $5.2 million raised in its ongoing presale, InQubeta’s roadmap, which includes launching an NFT marketplace, cross-chain expansion, and the establishment of InQubeta DAO by 2024, shows a promising future for this innovative venture. Experts believe QUBE will be one of the best ICOs of 2023 in terms of ROI.

Immutable X (IMX): Gaining Ground in Web3 Gaming

On another front, Immutable X is celebrating its own success. As a Web3 gaming platform, it has become a hub for blockchain-powered NFTs and in-game transactions. The recent 7% increase in its value reflects its growing importance in the gaming world, particularly for titles like Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians. The Immutable X marketplace is a testament to the potential of blockchain in transforming the trading of popular NFTs, offering a secure and decentralized space for enthusiasts.

Mantle Network (MNT): Advancing Layer-2 Solutions

Mantle Network is also contributing to the evolving crypto narrative. As an EVM-compatible Layer-2 scaling solution, Mantle uses Optimistic rollups to facilitate quick and cost-effective transactions. The network’s approach to handling transactions off-chain, with final settlements on-chain, is an innovative solution in the DeFi space. The MNT token, serving as both a utility and governance token, gives its holders a say in the platform’s development, furthering Mantle’s commitment to community-driven progress.


The recent developments with Immutable X, Mantle Network, and InQubeta are painting an exciting picture of the current state of the crypto market. Each platform, with its unique offerings and innovations, is contributing to a more diverse and dynamic digital asset landscape. InQubeta’s groundbreaking approach to AI investment, Immutable X’s stronghold in the Web3 gaming market, and Mantle’s Layer-2 scaling solutions are just a few examples of how the crypto world is evolving, offering new opportunities and paths for investors and enthusiasts alike. As these platforms gear up for potential rallies, they underscore the ever-changing and innovative spirit of the industry.

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