INGOT Coin’s Komorebi Alliance To Connect Token Sales

Ingot Coin is proud of the launch of their group of token sales, naming the alliance ‘Komorebi.’

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In this alliance, the project will contribute their business expertise, latest technology, and other resources to make the group excel.

Partnership Details

Komorebi is the romanization of a Japanese word with no direct translation in English, describing sunlight that streams through leaves.

The partnership is like the word, as all “leaves” benefit from the sunlight. Everyone involved in this partnership benefits, with partners including GMEX-Group, BolttCoin, Modern FinanceChain, SwachhCoin, Black.Insure, PlaceToREnt, Bineuro, and Stella.

Hirander Misra, Chairman, and CEO of GMEX Group commented:

We are entering an era where the value of individual Blockchain enabled ecosystems combining through joint ventures will lead to a new paradigm of Token Augmenting Partnerships (TAP) creating a network effect, which will propagate to create greater value.”

A single platform will be made, allowing all of their collective communities to take advantage of each other’s offerings. As each token is a utility token, each tokens utility will also increase thanks to the Komorebi platform.

All parties involved will help in creating this platform, which is user-friendly and up to date. The platform will not only keep users up to date regarding all partners involved but also allow users to access all of the tokens and utilities offered.

Combining Utility To Increase Value

By combining coins that impact different industries like health, insurance, financial services, and real estate to name a few, new possibilities of utility are created. Each partners output can be multiplied with Komorebi simply due to the network effect.

Making money boils down to creating value for the consumer, and by combining efforts and utility from many different aspects, the chances of creating value for a buyer increases.

With the crypto market in a bear market, Komorebi Alliance with its various tokens could distinguish itself enough from major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum if it proves its values to crypto users.

The biggest corporations in history were conglomerates, like US Steel, Samsung, and LG. Allowing different parties to be integrated together produces a type of efficiency that is hard to replicate otherwise.

Ahmed Khawanky, CMO of INGOT Coin stated:

As of now, this does not exist in the Crypto markets, financial markets or in any market. Joining one TGE will provide you with innovative services, eventually, but even at this point the services are limited”

Discounts and other benefits possible through Komoreabi

Plans for allowing exclusive discounts among each of the token sales has also been underway, which will help give an edge for users participating in these sales.

Discounts will also entice users from other communities in this alliance to participate in fellow token sales, which will mutually benefit all participating.

For more information, visit Ingot Coins website. To chat with the community and team members, check out their Bitcointalk thread and Telegram channel. For more information regarding the team, visit the company Linkedin page. Any and all blog posts will be made through their Medium.

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