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Injective Surpasses 700M Transactions, Toncoin and Angry Pepe Fork In Line For Huge Surge

While the altcoin market has lost substantial momentum in the past few weeks, some top altcoins are on investors list of top cryptos that could significantly spike when the market recovers. Injective (INJ) token, for instance, is signaling to be one of these coins as the network recently saw a record-breaking transaction rate, exceeding 700M. This positivity is drawing more attention to other trending networks like Toncoin (TON), whose trajectory has been nothing short of impressive lately. Meanwhile, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) token is also making waves in the presale market as the next Solanan meme coin with incredible potential to become the best meme crypto to buy.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) Is Stealing The Spotlight In The Presale Market

This year might feature some of the most striking meme coin market expansion in the past few years and Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) will potentially contribute largely to this cause. This new meme coin is coming with a unique earning mechanism called “Conquer to Earn” that allows its users to earn token rewards just by contributing to the platform’s growth over other meme coins. This mechanism aligns with Angry Pepe Fork’s strong motive to conquer all zombie (stale) meme coins on the market.

Interestingly, this meme coin platform has a limited supply of 1.9B for its $APORK token which means there will be no more token to expect, just like Bitcoin capped supply of 21M. In order words Angry Pepe Fork token can potentially rise to meteoric heights considering the high demand that will result from limited token supply. 

While the native $APORK token is currently selling for $0.014 in the initial presale stage, analysts have speculated a 200% rise for the coin by the end of the campaign. Moreso, considering how much Angry Pepe Fork has raised in a short period of time and how much it has potential to raise, experts think the value of the token could grow over 350% when it is listed on top-tier exchanges. 

Furthermore, APORK’s staking dApp offers flexible lock-in duration where its users can lock up their token for either 30, 60, or 90 days depending on how they want their APY to be, $APORK has a good chance at growth in the DeFi market. In addition, Angry Pepe Fork’s plans for interoperability, real world utility, strong smart contract security audit and earning mechanism can rank it above other Solana meme coins like dogwifhat and Bonk.

Injective Sees An Impressive Network Growth; $INJ Token On The Verge Of Recovery

As one of the cheapest blockchain networks, where as low as $1 can process more than 3,000 transactions, Injective (INJ) holds a highly reputable position in the DeFi market. Also, maintaining over 200% gain year-to-date, Injective has kept a dominating spot on the list of top altcoins to buy

Though, Injective token is experiencing a price tank, the possibility of a rebound as it saw an all-time high three months back. Just a few days away, Injective announced that it surpassed 700M transactions, driving more attention to the network as well as the Injective token.

Toncoin (TON) Stands Among Top Blockchain Network With Immense Growth

TON network has maintained a long-standing bullish momentum this season, considering its close ties with Telegram, one of the largest messaging platforms in the world. With over 400% year-to-date growth, Toncoin (TON) has launched two popular Tap-to-Earn tokens including TapSwap and Notcoin. 

These tokens have skyrocketed the attention that Toncoin network has seen in the past few months. While Toncoin token only came down from its ATH 7 days ago, speculations are flying that Toncoin token may see higher values in months to come.

Is It Possible for APORK To See A 1000% Surge This Year?

The possibility for the native APORK token to experience a 10X (1000%) growth is highly possible due to its nature as a utility-backed meme token. While the meme coin space can influence its growth greatly, APORK is tied to other utilities that can also enhance its value.

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