Interpol Reduces Cryptojacking Across Southeast Asia by 78%

Interpol continues to crack down on criminal activity involving cryptocurrencies. Primarily the cryptojacking threat remains very problematic, and further scrutiny is warranted. 

Cryptojacking has been a major threat for several years now.

Interpol Shuts Down Another Cryptojacking Threat

Criminals favor this approach as a way to mine cryptocurrencies using other people’s computer resources. 

It is primarily utilized through websites, although mobile applications are no exception either. 

Interpol has actively tried to crack down on this activity, albeit with mixed success. 

For every venture being shut down, it appears that at least two new threats pop up.

Surprisingly, the efforts by Interpol are paying off in Southeast Asia.

Cryptojacking has been reduced by 78% following a recent major operation.

It is evident that such large-scale operations are crucial in terms of ending online criminal activity.

A lot of the malicious cryptocurrency mining software was installed on consumer devices.

Following this operation, device owners were notified of the problem, and the agency helped remove the threats altogether. 

As part of this crackdown, Interpol collaborated with police officials from several Asian countries.

Regions of interest include Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and several others. 

With this threat nipped in the bud, the focus can now shift to other cryptojacking efforts around the world. 


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