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Investors Pivot from XRP and Polygon (MATIC) to Borroe ($ROE): Here’s Why

As both XRP and Polygon (MATIC) trade red, investors are switching to Borroe ($ROE). This new crypto gem shows massive growth potential, with experts predicting it will revolutionize the Web3 industry with its unique use case that no one else can match. 

Let’s see why investors worldwide are singling out Borroe ($ROE) as the project that will give them significant long-term gains.


Ripple (XRP) Injects 200 Million XRP Tokens Into Circulation

In accordance with the monthly programmatic XRP releases, Ripple recently moved 800 million XRP tokens into escrow while injecting 200 million XRP tokens into the circulating supply. XRP’s trading volume and market cap have gone down, which looks bearish for the token.

As a result of XRP’s falling metrics, bears believe that investors have lost interest in the XRP token, predicting that this will cause further price drops in the upcoming days.

On the other hand, bulls that XRP’s recent developments outside of the US, notably in Hong Kong, Palau, and South Korea, will drive more users to the platform, which could, in turn, spark a price rally for the XRP token.

Will Polygon (MATIC) Rebound?

The announcement that Polygon will launch a new native token, POL, has been met with skepticism by the Polygon (MATIC) community, which is reflected in the performance in the aftermath.

Namely, Polygon (MATIC) has been on a downtrend ever since the announcement, losing more than 18% of its value. In an effort to fix Polygon’s (MATIC) performance, Polygon has announced some new developments, including a new governance mechanism, the Ecosystem Council, which will upgrade the smart contracts of the Polygon (MATIC) network.

Additionally, Polygon (MATIC) has launched The Value Prop, an open database of blockchain use cases. Consequently, Polygon (MATIC) bulls believe these developments will cause Polygon (MATIC) to rebound and move upwards.

On the other hand, bears believe that Polygon’s (MATIC) continuously falling metrics and the 78% drop in new wallet addresses are clear signs that Polygon (MATIC) investors are jumping ship, looking to cut their losses before POL launches.

Borroe ($ROE) Investors to Receive 220% Gains Before its Presale Ends

Borroe ($ROE) is a groundbreaking AI-powered funding marketplace that enables Web3 users and content creators to raise upfront funds from future recurring revenue.

Furthermore, Web3 businesses can use Borroe ($ROE) to generate instant cash flow by minting NFT representations of future and outstanding invoices, which are sold at a discounted price in the Borroe ($ROE) marketplace.

Moreover, Borroe’s deflationary token, $ROE, will be built on the Ethereum sidechain Polygon, which provides advanced security and high flexibility. Additionally, Borroe ($ROE) token holders will receive many exclusive benefits, such as invoice buying, repayment rewards, priority notification of new sales, and discounted fees.

But the good news does not stop there! Namely, investors that purchase Borroe ($ROE) tokens right now will get up to 220% gains once the token hits its $0.040 presale target. Borroe ($ROE) is currently in Stage 1 of its presale, selling at $0.0125.

Therefore, now is the perfect moment to join this revolutionary project that will reshape the Web3 landscape with its unmatched real-world utility and get in before Borroe’s ($ROE) price skyrockets!

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