IOT Marketplace DataBroker DAO Announces 3 New Alliances And Tokenjar Listing

DataBroker DAO has not skipped a beat, leveraging the momentum made on their successful token sale with three new memberships and another successful listing.

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TokenJar Listing

The project has already been listed on CoinMarketCap and already has their native DTX token tradeable on the two exchanges: Bitforex and CoinFalcon. Joining this list is TokenJar, a decentralized exchange with zero fees and direct wallet to wallet transactions.

Being a decentralized exchange means users can use the platform without registering, undergoing KYC, or depositing funds into a potentially compromised service. With exchanges increasingly being a target for hackers to steal massive amounts of funds, the rise of decentralized exchanges has shown changing user sentiment for more security.

Not having to wait for deposits to confirm before trading will also lower the psychological barrier it requires to trade, allowing more users on the fence of trying DTX to perhaps use TokenJar to quickly acquire some tokens.

DataBroker has also been working behind the scenes to onboard Alliance Members for more specialized solutions interested in leveraging the platform.

DataBroker Welcomes 3 New Alliance Members

DataBroker is proud to announce the successful onboarding of Rivetz, SenLab, and Eurocon, DatabBroker DAO’s 3 latest new members.

Rivetz creates embedded and blockchain-based mobile security solutions, allowing users to remain secure while on the go. SenLab  is a company famous for their mobile-based IoT dashboard, allowing them to easily monitor traffic, smart cities, and any other situations that users with mobile phones can contribute and receive data from.

Euroco is a project management business in the IoT community that connects the networks of smart cities, industry 4.0 logistics, and other industries.

The three companies joining the Alliance will provide valuable insight into security, crowd data, as well as project management and consulting.

The project has 25 other suitable members that could join the Alliance but is taking their time as DataBroker works one on one with each company to individually asses their unique needs and requirements.

DataBroker DAO is also aiming to make the platform accessible to developers by the end of the summer, meaning all hands will be on deck as the ship charges forward at full speed. Updates will be shared as soon as updates are made, and will be broadcast through their various official channels.

To learn more about DataBroker, check out their website. For more in-depth information about plans as well as their future roadmap, check out their whitepaper. To chat with the community and team members, hop into their Telegram channel. For social media updates, follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss a beat. For blog posts, all articles will be posted onto their Medium. To follow source code changes, check out their Github. Cryptocurrency discussions are hosted on their SubReddit.

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