Is Crypto Arbitrage Still a Viable Method of Making Money in 2022?

As the cryptocurrency market gains global recognition and traction from different institutions, the market has an inflow of investors seeking to buy assets for profit as exchanges or markets offering these trading services see an influx of growth. Currently, over 500 Cryptocurrency exchanges in the market offer  trading services to millions, if not billions, of investors seeking to buy assets for profit. Notably, just 251 spot exchanges are currently tracked by CoinMarketCap.

At some point, cryptocurrency exchanges or markets will experience price inefficiency, which ultimately leads to an Arbitrage trading opportunity, a rare pattern of making a profit in the crypto field but still viable.


Arbitrage Trading is the buying of assets at a slightly lower price tag on an exchange and then selling the same asset on another exchange at a higher price. It’s important to know that before one can make a good profit from arbitrage trading opportunities, these assets should be bought in large quantities to make a reasonable profit. This is due to the small margin in price differences.

Arbitrage Trading is significant in the cryptocurrency space, and it keeps different cryptocurrency exchanges or markets on their toes and not careless with price fluctuations. This has helped many cryptocurrency exchanges to set up viable tech systems that monitor price value movements, knowing that Arbitrage traders are always looking out for loopholes to benefit from the market.

Recently, a price miscalculation detected in its system led Coinbase to threaten legal action against numerous cryptocurrency traders who made significant profits.

The local currency was priced at $290 instead of the proper $2.90 price tag, causing a system pricing error that generated an arbitrage opportunity for an extended time—nearly six hours. Many profited handsomely by selling the currency, taking advantage of the system’s price miscalculation.

In response, Coinbase considered suing roughly 1,000 consumers to recover lost revenue. Arbitrage trading opportunities exist to keep cryptocurrency exchanges active and cautious about price disparities to help prevent such a loss.

Final Thoughts

Arbitrage trading is still a conceivable means of making money in 2022, notably when done in large quantities, as the price margins as small. Also, arbitrage trading is necessary in the space as adoption and innovation continue massive growth. This keeps the many unaccounted-for cryptocurrency exchanges efficient in monitoring their price value system properly.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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Image Source: Shubham Dhage/Unsplash //Image Effects by Colorcinch