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Is Pushd (PUSHD) About To Change The Way We Trade Online? Celestia (TIA) And Arbitrum (ARB) Spike

There has been a spike in Celestia (TIA) in its market activity, ranking at $16.8135 as of early this year though there has been a minor decrease placing it at $15.5820. But this setback is still at Celestia (TIA) all-time peak of 27.77% increase in the market.

At the start of 2024, Arbitrum (ARB) was at an all-time high. It has gained +28% in a week and has placed the token above $2M. This leaves Celestia (TIA) and Arbitrum (ARB) at a surge for crypto traders.

As a web3 platform with a fully decentralized marketplace connecting buyers and sellers around the world, Pushd (PUSHD) is similar to Amazon and eBay. Pushd (PUSHD) has been proven to be a powerhouse in the crypto industry with stage one of the presale selling out within 5 days and it’s currently on stage two.

What Does the Market Hold for Celestia (TIA) in 2024 after its all-time high?

With the increase in the crypto marketplace, Celestia (TIA) spike is linked to past airdrops and how it has performed as a newcomer. At the current rate, TIA’s technology has established a core competition with other competitive industry giants like Arbitrum (ARB).

The upward spike may end up placing Celestia (TIA) at the end of the fast-growing coin as it pertains to transaction rates. The market comparison looks bullish for Celestia (TIA) in the future and bullish traders can capitalize on the over 22% market increase for their gain.

While many DeFi Tokens, Struggle, Arbitrum (ARB) Surges

Like its Celestia (TIA) counterpart, Arbitrum (ARB), saw a 16.77% surge in the past week. Since October, there has been an upward tick in the Total Value Locked (TVL), pushing it to cross $2.5 billion which is only slightly short of its peak of $2.6 billion in November 2021.

Arbitrum (ARB) is trading at $1.74 with its 24-hour trading volume at $925 million. This places Arbitrum (ARB) at a 10.34% decrease in 24 hours. But according to analysts, the surge is attributed to a meme token-driven frenzy throughout the past months and could be a fluke.

Pushd (PUSHD) as a Means of Buying and Selling

Pushd (PUSHD) offers better security, transparency, and decentralized governance. It offers unlimited potentials ranging from secure transactions, lower fees, decentralized governance, and its reward program. It hopes to revamp online crypto trading and, in the future, will very likely overtake Celestia (TIA) and Arbitrum (ARB).

There has been an upward momentum on Pushd (PUSHD) pre-sales as the platform offers a buyers-oriented program with lower listing fees. In the end, Pushd (PUSHD) may end up becoming a fast-growing platform and a blue-chip crypto. Investors who are serious about stellar returns should be able to recognize the benefits of investing early.

In the first five days of pre-sales, Pushd (PUSHD) garnered an important milestone. It recorded over 8,000 new users and its key feature like no KYC verification may have been a contributing factor. Investors are leveraging the opportunity with utilities available on Pushd (PUSHD) ecosystem.

For more information about the Pushd (PUSHD) Presale, visit their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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