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Jasmycoin, Ondo, Optimism, and Angry Pepe Fork Dubbed June’s Best Altcoins By Analysts

Since the beginning of June, FOMO has increased in the crypto sector. Investors and market watchers are currently watching the market for bullish signals. They have picked Jasmycoin, Ondo, Optimism, and Angry Pepe Fork as their top altcoins for gains this month. 

Jasmycoin (JASMY) Listed on DOEX Global Exchange 

The Ethereum-based token, Jasmycoin (JASMY), has been listed on the DOEX exchange. The exchange announced that X JASMY/USDT futures trading starts from 12th June. Unfortunately, Jasmycoin did not respond positively to the news as it continues trading in the red region on the weekly chart. 

4xForecaster states that the altcoin could rise to higher levels in the next few days if it crosses the 0.060 resistance. The altcoin price is currently exchanging hands in the $0.03397–$0.04424 range. 

Ondo (ONDO) Price Forecast for June

Over the past month, the price of Ondo (ONDO) has increased by 70.9%, placing it among the best-performing altcoins. Sadly, Ondo has come under selling pressure recently. The effect can be seen on the 7-day chart which has a loss of 7.0%.

Nevertheless, analysts remain undisturbed about its future price this month. Learnernoearner, one of the top crypto analysts, believes the altcoin price will rise to $1.3759 and then to $1.5361 before the end of this year.

Optimism (OP) Faces Strong Resistance on Road To $3

Despite being among the top altcoins selected by analysts for gains this June, Optimism’s (OP) price movement is so poor right now. Price information from CoinMarketCap reveals that its value has dipped on the weekly and monthly timeframes.

The only green chart is the YTD which has a profit of 79.7%. TraderAAG said that Optimism has to reclaim the $2.27 before it can begin an upward movement. If this happens, the price of Optimism might soar to $3.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) Steals the Limelight With New Model

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is making headlines for its meme coin market potential after only starting its presale. Angry Pepe Fork’s “Conquer-to-Earn” method could change the market as it encourages teamwork and unity. Players come together to destroy dead memecoins in exchange for rewards, which they can sell for money. 

That is not all. Angry Pepe Fork’s security is also a standout feature. The meme coin project provides a secure platform for trading and holding assets with a smart contract audit from SOLIDProof.

Angry Pepe Fork has a staking dApp that lets users lock their $APORK coins for 30, 60, or 90 days. The native token’s rewards increase with time; therefore, long-term ownership is encouraged. Investors looking for a meme coin with huge profit and growing potential may consider Angry Pepe Fork.

The project’s native token, APORK, is now available for $0.014 in the first presale phase, now is a good time to invest as its price is expected to rise. Experts believe the coin will rise 20% this June, making it one of the best altcoins to buy for new and old investors. 


From our article, the month of June is a great chance for investors to see some more profits. Analysts have picked Jasmycoin, Ondo, Optimism, and Angry Pepe Fork as the best altcoins to buy during this period. 

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