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Join the Crypto Whales Community With Your Investment In Bitcoin Spark And Polygon

Following the moves of crypto whales has usually resulted in significant profits for many investors. That said, industry watchers recommend joining the crypto whale community in investing in Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) and Polygon (MATIC).

What is Bitcoin Spark?

Bitcoin Spark is a new layer-1 blockchain inspired by the vision of Bitcoin’s creator(s), Satoshi Nakamoto. While it does mimic Bitcoin’s tokenomics by having a limited supply of 21 million BTCS, the blockchain sets itself apart with a vision of revolutionizing digital transactions.

The Bitcoin Spark blockchain can handle many transactions per second at low fees owing to its high individual block transaction capabilities, short block time, and massive nodes. The blockchain also provides a robust infrastructure for building smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). It has a dedicated smart contract layer with separate execution systems, all reaching finality on the main network. This ensures scalability and enables developers to use a wide range of programming languages.

Notably, Bitcoin Spark uses its proprietary consensus mechanism, known as the Proof-of-Process (PoP). This innovative mechanism non-linearly rewards users for confirming transactions and contributing their processing power to the network. The nonlinearity of rewards and the network’s massive nodes allow for a significantly large number of validators. The Bitcoin Spark team is even set to launch a network validation application compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac OS devices.

Institutions or individuals undertaking high CPU/GPU load tasks will be able to use the validators’ contributed power for remote computing through Bitcoin Spark. Payments for this service will be required in BTCS, and the generated revenue will be shared amongst the validators.

Furthermore, those requiring advertising services could make use of the ad slots that will feature in the Bitcoin Spark application and website. The ads will also be paid for in BTCS and will be community-policied to ensure credibility while maintaining decentralization. Network participants will receive 50% of the revenue generated, plus additional incentives for policing the ads.

BTCS price

The BTCS price has witnessed a notable surge from its initial $1.75 price, currently selling at $3.00 in Phase 7 of the Bitcoin Spark Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO has raised over $2,750,000 million so far, with notable purchases from crypto whales, such as one valued at $101,000. BTCS is set to launch at $10, providing a profit of more than 355% to Phase 7 investors. Analysts suggest Bitcoin Spark’s innovative technology, real-world applicability, limited supply, and low market capitalization point to continued price increases for BTCS post-launch.

What is Polygon?

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution that seeks to alleviate some of the key challenges faced by Ethereum. It achieves this by providing a multi-chain ecosystem that enables developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (DApps) on various interconnected sidechains. These sidechains inherit security from the Ethereum mainnet while offering faster transaction processing and reduced fees. MATIC is the native token of the network, used for staking, governance, and settling transaction costs. Polygon (MATIC) has gained significant attention and adoption within the blockchain community due to its ability to enhance the user experience and expand the capabilities of Ethereum-based projects

MATIC price

The MATIC price has been on a steady increase since September 28, when it found support at $0.50. The rise successfully helped MATIC surpass the resistance level at $0.544, which had been a persistent challenge. According to Santiment, 37 million MATIC was moved from a whale PoS address in the largest single transaction on the Polygon Network since July, which coincided with a 4% price increase. On-chain data from IntoTheBlock further validates the surge in whale activity,  indicating an impressive 411.7% increase in large transaction volume. Analysts suggest Q4 promises to be one full of activity for Polygon, with the upcoming implementation of Polygon 2.0 potentially leading to further price increases for MATIC.


Joining the crypto whales in considering investments in Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) and Polygon (MATIC) can be rewarding. Nonetheless, it’s essential to do your own research before making any commitments.

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