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July Price Prediction: Fantom, Render Token, and Pomerdoge (POMD)

Fantom has a bullish roadmap, revealed by André Cronje, and investors eagerly anticipate the next bull market movement. Render Token shows bullish sentiment, and the unique play-to-earn crypto Pomerdoge shows potential and good tokenomics.

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Fantom Roadmap

Fantom, the well-known layer 1 ecosystem, offers out-of-the-box scalability solutions and fast tps. André Cronje, co-founder and architect of the Fantom protocol, recently revealed an ambitious roadmap.

Cronje’s goal is to offer “the highest throughput blockchain available to provide a single secure settlement layer for all decentralized activity,” and the Fantom roadmap will lean towards gas monetization to enable profit generation. DApps will be able to share revenue based on the gas used. The Fantom Virtual Machine will be r

efurbished, allowing the network to use the existing hardware potential, and developments in performance engineering, marketing, and business complete the bullish roadmap.

Fantom’s price action mirrors that, reaching the bottom at $0.20, and with very little trading activity since then as investors are still cautious with all the SEC action going on. But July might be a very bullish month for Fantom, according to the MACD indicator on the weekly chart.

If Fantom’s price can manage to break out above the 100D SMA, this would give investors a clear buy signal and likely take Fantom’s price higher.

What’s up with Render?

Render Network’s native RNDR token has seen a confusing year, with the ERC20 token price reaching $2 in only 10 months despite entering the year more than 75% lower than that.

The bullish sentiment around Render and its native token, RNDR, continues to attract large institutional investors.

At the time of writing, the Render Token is trading at $1.52 and ranks at 98th place among cryptocurrencies.

The Render Network ecosystem saw impressive gains of up to 400%, and on-chain data supports a bullish view, with top wallets continuing to accumulate more long positions.

RNDR is poised for another solid performance as wallet activity has increased steadily, and OctaneRender was listed in the Apple App Store. Further accumulation confirms the bullish stance for Render.

Pomerdoge – The New Axie?

The exciting new play-to-earn crypto, Pomerdoge, is entering the market and will offer a new way of earning while playing to users around the globe. Pomerdoge is a game that will connect players across the world, allowing personal interaction while earning in a fun and competitive environment.

Pomerdoge will create a collection of 7,777 NFTs that will only be available to presale buyers. Those early investors can take advantage of earning revenue through a percentage of the amount of tokens held.

The positive price action in the near future indicates high growth potential after the Pomerdoge presale ends, and professionals believe that Pomerdoge could be an excellent opportunity to get in early, like with Axie Infinity.

Audited by Interfi Network and with a liquidity lock for life, Pomerdoge is doing all it can to be a safe investment for buyers. POMD is the native token of the game, with a total supply of 1,777,777,777 tokens, and is currently available in presale stage 1 at $0.007 at an excellent price point. Take advantage of this opportunity and find out more here.

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