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Kaspa emerges bullish while analysts back InQubeta as the next 100X coin

Cryptocurrency holders have had a few reasons to cheer over the past few weeks. With the crypto market currently in a bull rally, tokens like Kaspa (KAS) and InQubeta (QUBE) gave people the right ammunition to hunt for big gains.

These two tokens can be used to diversify portfolios while setting investors up for long-term benefits. While Kaspa’s rise has been impressive, analysts believe that InQubeta can potentially grow by 100x. 

Built on Ethereum, InQubeta is a decentralized facility for startups working with artificial intelligence (AI) to find a backer for their projects. It connects innovative startups with investors through a transparent and easy-to-use mechanism. 

The platform has also been in the news because of its presale growth. In just a short time, InQubeta has already made it to top analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists. So far, its ICO has already raised over $6.2 million in funding.

InQubeta: Making DeFi solutions more accessible for startups

InQubeta is an upcoming blockchain platform that provides a crowdfunding facility for AI startups. Using blockchain powered technology, the platform is seeking to create an AI-driven ecosystem that can drive change across industries. 

The crypto project offers investors a platform to access rewarding projects while staying within a budget. InQubeta uses its native cryptocurrency known as the QUBE token for settling transactions and for incentivizing user participation through rewards.

Hailed as one of the top altcoins to watch out for this year, the QUBE token is also used for staking and supporting the platform’s growth. 

For agreeing to lock their tokens for staking, token holders are rewarded with cryptocurrencies. The staking rewards are distributed from a separate pool that is regularly funded by tax proceeds. 

InQubeta has chosen a deflationary model for the QUBE token. A deflationary model controls the token supply to shield it against inflation and market volatility. The token supply is always kept scarce so that its price is less affected when inflation is high. Whenever the supply shoots past permissible limits, it’s reduced again by burning excess tokens in circulation.

InQubeta runs its platform with a decentralized governance system where the community takes all decisions. These decisions pertain to protocol changes, product launches, token generation, and the addition of new features, among others. 

If a community member has a set of changes in mind, they can share them with others and discuss the proposal to underscore its merits. The proposal is later put to a vote, where token holders can use their voting rights to participate in the process. Depending on how they feel about a proposal, token holders can make decisions in the best interests of the platform.

InQubeta’s popularity has increased over time as users find it extremely easy to explore it. Its intuitive interface makes it accessible and the lack of formalities gives it an edge over other crowdfunding resources. The sole requirement that startups have to fulfill is to prepare a rewards-based offer for investors. 

These offers serve as a curtain-raiser for what awaits the investors should they decide to invest in a startup. The NFT version of these offers is displayed on an online marketplace where investors can purchase them. As the NFT can be fractionalised, investors have the option of investing in a part of the project.

KAS token listed on

Kaspa is a layer 1 protocol that is touted to be a blockDAG and is powered by the GhostDAG technology. It has been designed as a digital ledger that enables parallel blocks which leads to quicker confirmation of transactions. 

The transactions on Kaspa are settled with its native token in KAS and in single-second intervals. The feature makes the platform not just faster but also more scalable. It uses a proof-of-work consensus engine for verifying all transactions. 

It is widely considered among the best cryptocurrencies to buy in the market today because of its superior security framework. Kaspa leverages a secure block network for validating transactions that do not reduce the network’s decentralization. 

Kaspa has built a global user base for its platform through new initiatives and integrations. Recently, it announced that the KAS token will be available for swapping, buying, and selling on leading DEX


If you are eager to end your worries about what cryptos to buy now, InQubeta and Kaspa are currently being recommended by many top analysts. 

These two tokens have proved their potential with their strong performance and have boosted token holders’ confidence in their utilities. New tokens like Kaspa and InQubeta can provide better returns. 

Cryptocurrency buyers must carefully check out a project’s use cases before committing huge sums of money. Long-term investment decisions can help to reduce risks due to volatility.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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