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Large SAND Token Transfer Hints at Potential Selloff; AI Coin Growth Projections Excite Investors

The cryptocurrency market is a dynamic place where no two days are the same. Take the example of The Sandbox project. The decentralized gaming platform has been losing investor interest following large-scale transfers of its tokens. Many analysts are also of the view that these transfers could potentially trigger major sell-off events. However, the rising popularity of the newly launched InQubeta (QUBE) has sent a wave of excitement across the crypto market.

Powered by Ethereum, InQubeta enables startups working in the field of artificial intelligence to gain access to funding opportunities for their projects. Despite being launched a few months ago, InQubeta has been grabbing the headlines because of its presale success. After its presale funding crossed $3.5 million recently, it is being hailed as one of the best new ICOs of 2023.

InQubeta: The cryptocurrency ICO everyone is talking about

InQubeta is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency platform that brings together AI startups with genuine investors. The platform ensures that both parties can find authentic opportunities for growth. Startups get access to ample funding for their projects, investors get the chance to access projects ahead of their market launch.

The InQubeta team has rolled out a native cryptocurrency that’s called the QUBE token and it’s the medium of exchange within the network. It can be easily bought on presale, however, it has a 12-week vesting period. The InQubeta team has explained the lock-in period and said the vesting period helps phase the release of tokens into the market. Otherwise, it would have been forced to dump all the tokens at once which would have negatively impacted the token price.

The QUBE token can also be staked and used for earning crypto rewards. With staking, patience is the key as the longer an asset is staked, the higher will be the rewards. The InQubeta team maintains a rewards pool for giving out such rewards.

The QUBE token is also used for implementing InQubeta’s decentralized governance structure. Under the structure, all stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the operations by pitching in with their suggestions and concerns. If a community member has a suggestion that could ramp up the protocol’s capability, they can make a proposal. Before being put to a vote, the proposal is extensively debated to highlight its pros and cons. During voting, QUBE token holders can exercise their special voting rights to express what they think about the suggested changes.

This top altcoin has a transparent mechanism that allows startups and investors to interact and connect with each other. To begin with, startups have to submit what they would like to offer investors in exchange for funding. Their offer might comprise a reward level or a share in the startup’s equity. These offers are converted into NFTs with tokenization and these NFTs are made available on the NFT marketplace for the investors. Investors can access and evaluate the NFTs and if they agree to a startup’s offer, they can purchase the asset using QUBE tokens. These NFTs can be fractionalised, so investors have the option of either buying the entire asset or a part of it.

Does the Sandbox token transfer hint at a bear rally?

Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform that allows users to create, deploy, purchase, and sell digital assets inside a game platform. Its play-to-earn model allows both gaming enthusiasts as well as game developers to explore opportunities. The native token is known as SAND and it is used for all kinds of transactions. In addition, SAND tokens are also used for giving out rewards. It’s because of its unique model that Sandbox has been able to maintain its popularity despite the onslaught of new altcoins over the past few years. Analysts have predicted a bear rally as large SAND token transfers have taken place recently. However, long-term holders are still optimistic about the Sandbox ecosystem as it has important upgrades planned for the future.


What is that one quality that differentiates the best crypto from others? While everyone might have a different answer, analysts would consider growth potential to be a non-negotiable quality in a good cryptocurrency. A token with a high growth potential can not only diversify your crypto portfolio but also help you earn rich rewards over the long term. With InQubeta, buyers can look forward to investing in a startup and building a sustained source of income in the long term. In addition, due to fractionalization, even an average crypto user can become a startup investor with InQubeta.

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