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Learn How to Increase Your Profits with Bitcoin Spark

The crypto market is seeing increased momentum, with several projections hinting at another bull run. On that note, experts suggest looking at Bitcoin Spark (BTCS) to increase your crypto profits.

What is BTCS?

BTCS is the native token of Bitcoin Spark, which is a new blockchain-based project that seeks to revolutionize the crypto landscape by introducing groundbreaking technologies. Bitcoin Spark is a Bitcoin fork; thus, BTCS shares some similarities with BTC. It is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment currency with a limited supply of 21 million and a suitable store of wealth.

However, BTCS goes beyond. It serves as a key to the world of smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps). The Bitcoin Spark network will have a seamlessly integrated smart contract layer that allows developers to use both high-level and low-level programming languages. Thus, BTCS users are set to have a wider variety of Dapps and smart contracts at their disposal.

Additionally, BTCS can provide access to advertising. The Bitcoin Spark website and application will have small slots for ads, which will be community-policied to ensure security and credibility. Those who place the ads will be required to pay with BTCS, and 50% of the revenue generated will go to the network’s participants, creating a win-win situation.

What might be perhaps the most innovative real-world application of BTCS is providing access to remote CPU and GPU power. Bitcoin Spark uses a proprietary consensus mechanism that rewards miners for validating blocks and contributing their processing power to the network, known as the Proof-of-Process (PoP). The miners’ processing power is then ‘rented out’ to Bitcoin Spark’s clients, who use it for high CPU/GPU load tasks, such as performing scientific simulations, running servers, and rendering videos at large scale. Since it’s their processing power, miners will receive income from the decentralized CPU/GPU rental in addition to the newly minted BTCS coins and transaction fees.

How to mine BTCS?

The Bitcoin Spark network has a massive number of nodes, which greatly reduces the investment required by miners. Aside from having a larger number of nodes, the PoP is combined with an algorithm that restricts linear rewards based on raw processing power. This system ensures that those with increased mining capabilities earn more, but not in a way that is unbalanced purely by fiat-equivalent net worth. Before making the network’s repository open for developers to create other mining applications, the Bitcoin Spark application will be the main way to mine BTCS.

To mine BTCS, you will need to install the application and permit access to your device’s processing unit. The app will be compatible with all Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Linux devices. Once granted access, the app will create a separate virtual environment that doesn’t interact or interfere with the device’s operating system to ensure security. You can manually select the resources permitted for mining use, although the application itself can adjust how much of the processing power is used to account for overheating, battery, or simultaneous usage requirements.

Why is BTCS the best choice right now?

Despite pitfalls that may be of concern when investing in a project in its early stages, there are several compelling reasons why BTCS might be the best choice right now.

First, Bitcoin Spark being in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) offers benefits that open-market buying won’t include. BTCS is currently selling at $2.25 in Phase 4, which is considerably lower than its launch price. Additionally, investing at this level grants an additional token bonus. The ICO has been met with acclaim from enthusiasts and has attracted significant financial backing, both of which contribute to its appeal.

Additionally, Bitcoin Spark has a low market capitalization, and this allows the BTCS price to

surge by several multiples. The potential for unprecedented increases in price is further augmented by the fact that the Bitcoin Spark launch is set close to the start of the next expected crypto bull run. Massive surges are not uncommon in the crypto market, seeing as a cryptocurrency like Shiba Inu (SHIB), which was launched in August 2020, rallied by around 40,000,000% by the end of the 2021 crypto bull run.

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