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LINK, IOTA Challenger Algotech ALGT Sells Over 90M Tokens, Stage 3 Presale Raises Hopes of CEX Listing

New in the race, Algotech (ALGT), a decentralized algorithmic trading platform, is making waves with its ongoing token presale. Having already sold an impressive 90 million ALGT tokens, Algotech has raised over $3.7 million, fueling hopes of a major crypto exchange (CEX) listing in the near future.

Its revolutionary take on crypto trading is becoming popular as we enter the third presale. Traders and investors are fascinated by its combination of advanced algorithms, machine learning and decentralized technology, making it a rival worth considering for Chainlink (LINK) and IOTA.

Presale momentum has been so fast that two stages have already gone by, while in stage 3; only 12% of the prescribed tokens have been bought at this new phase, which many eager participants took advantage of. As the final stage develops, the token price will be pushed up from $0.08 to $0.10, which makes it attractive to anyone who wants to be part of Algotech’s ecosystem before listing on any exchange.

Algotech: Transforming Trading with Advanced Algorithms

At the core of Algotech’s attraction lies its commitment to changing the algorithmic trading world. The platform, through leveraging on advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, aims at giving traders lightning speed, accuracy and consistency while executing trades.

The project’s algorithms do not operate like traditional manual trading methods that are oftentimes affected by human emotions and biases. Therefore, these approaches eliminate/minimize fear/greed/uncertainty, allowing traders to have a precise view of existing market opportunities.

The diversity of Algotech’s trading algorithms is one of its most significant advantages. It has a platform that has the ability to match various trading tastes and market conditions such as those suited for momentum, mean reversion or breakouts. This makes it possible for traders to be able to go through the crypto markets with confidence and speed, given the flexibility of this platform besides their strong risk management tools as well.

Algotech’s Impact On LINK and IOTA

Algotech is becoming more popular; thus it becomes a big problem for already established players in the decentralized technology industry such as Chainlink (LINK) and IOTA who have been in the limelight for different reasons on contributing to blockchain ecosystem and internet of things ecosystem respectively.

However, Algotech’s exclusive focus on algorithmic trading could find an echo among traders who want to simplify their activities by using some streamlined and improved platform for executing their strategies. This differentiating factor might eventually draw attention and investment away from LINK and IOTA when traders opt for a specific solution tailored solely to meet their trading requirements.

Algotech’s Potential CEX Listing

The success of Algotech, as well as its potential CEX listing, has more significant consequences for the entire cryptocurrency market. The ability of the platform to pull considerable investment during its presale is an indication that there is a growing demand for innovative and specialized trading solutions in the crypto sphere.

Secondly, if Algotech receives a successful CEX listing, this may further foster acceptance of algorithmic trading in mainstream crypto. With rising awareness on the benefits that can be derived from automation and algorithms by traders and investors, there will be increased demand for platforms such as Algotech (ALGT).


As Algotech’s presale moves to its final stages and CEX listing seems imminent, the cryptocurrency space is seeing a powerful entrant into the algorithmic trading marketplace. While LINK and IOTA have already demonstrated their strength in other fields, Algotech’s concentration only on algorithmic trading can make it a distinctive asset. Nevertheless, a broad-based shift towards algorithmic trading within the crypto sphere might be facilitated by a successful CEX listing and widespread adoption that increases innovation, efficiency, and mainstream acceptance.

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