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Long-Term Ethereum Holders Outpaced Bitcoin in 2023; InQubeta Presale Nears $10M

Ethereum (ETH) might not be the first or best cryptocurrency, but it has been able to hold its own in the crypto market. It is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, behind Bitcoin (BTC), the first digital currency. While ETH isn’t as popular as Bitcoin, it performed better in one key aspect last year. Ethereum long-term holders outpaced Bitcoin in 2023, suggesting confidence in its potential.

Meanwhile, another cryptocurrency in the spotlight is InQubeta (QUBE). This top ICO and emerging crypto recently crossed the $8.1 million fundraising milestone and is eyeing $10 million next.

This post will cover Ethereum’s remarkable performance last year. In addition to this, it will explore the exceptional ICO exercise of InQubeta, explaining why it is the best new crypto to invest in. Let’s get started.

InQubeta (QUBE): $10 Million in Raised Funds in Sight

InQubeta (QUBE) has emerged as the most bullish narrative in the crypto scene at the moment. This is evident in its convergence of AI and blockchain. Therefore, there has been a massive surge in presale participation as its fundraising exercise is nearing $10 million.

Positioned as the intersection of AI and crypto, it aims to reshape the AI market. It will build the world’s first crowdfunding platform for AI startups, which will allow them to raise funds through cryptocurrency. By merely minting investment opportunities represented as equity-based NFTs, tech startups will be able to source funds.

That won’t be all. Its NFT marketplace—where real-world AI investments will be tokenized—is set to provide democratized access to the fast-growing AI market. This means investors can become early backers of promising AI startups—perhaps the next OpenAI—regardless of their income.

With the ICO in its early stages, currently in the sixth round of the presale, there is a window of opportunity to become an early adopter. It costs just $0.01925 at its current stage, and experts tip it for a 40x rally in the first six months after its launch. This positions it as one of the best cryptos to invest in, a wave you can ride by participating in the presale via the link below.

Ethereum (ETH): Long-Term Holders Surpass Bitcoin’s

Ethereum (ETH) leads the market’s top altcoins. It ranks behind only Bitcoin, which makes it one of the best coins to invest in. What is its unique contribution to the crypto space, though? It is a smart contract and blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of dApps (decentralized applications), among others.

While its growth last year pales in comparison to Bitcoin, it emerged at the top in terms of long-term holders. According to on-chain data from IntoTheBlock, Ethereum boasts a staggering 73.5 million long-term holders, compared to Bitcoin’s 33.6 million over the last year. This figure represents those who have held the cryptocurrencies for more than a year. What is the significance?

Besides being a crypto—a digital currency like Bitcoin—Ethereum plays a critical role in the blockchain space. Hence, its dominance in this aspect and its functionality make it a more promising venture. Plus, it has a staggering upside potential compared to Bitcoin, which contributes to the surge in long-term holders.

Given the above, Ethereum represents a more compelling investment—long-term—perhaps more than Bitcoin. If you are a current holder, continue to HODL and anticipate its explosive growth.


Although Ethereum didn’t experience similar growth to Bitcoin last year, it performed better in terms of long-term holders. At the same time, emerging as one of the altcoins to watch is InQubeta, nearing the $10 million fundraising milestone. With the token set for explosive growth after launch, you can participate in the presale by clicking the link below.

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