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Lucky Traders Ride KITTY Meme-Coin Surge To Impressive Gains

In a remarkable turn of events, two fortunate traders have found themselves reaping substantial rewards from their investments in the meme-coin KITTY, witnessing astounding gains of up to 49 times their initial investment in just one month. 

This surge in value comes on the heels of the return of The Roaring Kitty (@TheRoaringKitty) to the scene.

One such trader, Wallet EPL15, has seen their investment skyrocket to approximately 1,010 SOL, equivalent to a staggering $153,000 or 73 times their initial investment.

Having purchased 14.67 million KITTY tokens, representing 1.96% of the total supply, with a modest 14 SOL ($1,946) between March 31 and April 24, 2024, they now hold all the tokens, valued at an impressive 1,024 SOL ($155,000).

Similarly, Wallet 7Jt9m has enjoyed significant gains, with their investment ballooning to around 1,440 SOL, totaling approximately $214,000 or 49 times their initial investment. 

Acquiring 20.53 million KITTY tokens, amounting to 2.74% of the total supply, with a mere 30 SOL ($4,170) on April 1 and 3, 2024, they now hold all the tokens, valued at an impressive 1,470 SOL ($218,000).

Other Trader’s Activity With Memecoin KITTY

Another trader, who entered the market just before The Roaring Kitty’s tweet, managed to turn a modest investment of 21.1 SOL ($3,000) into significant profits. 

Purchasing 17.4 million KITTY tokens, they saw their investment surge in value after KITTY experienced a remarkable rally. Selling 12.8 million KITTY tokens for 294 SOL ($41,000), they still hold 4.6 million KITTY tokens, valued at an impressive $56,000. 

In total, their profit stands at an impressive $94,000, marking a remarkable 32-fold increase.

These success stories highlight the potential for significant gains in the volatile cryptocurrency market, where strategic investments and timely decisions can lead to extraordinary profits for savvy traders.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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Image Source: moxumbic/123RF // Image Effects by Colorcinch