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‘Massive Passive Gains’ with Oryen Network (ORY Presale Live) And ApeCoin (APE)

Cryptocurrency investors are always looking for ways to maximize their passive income and secure great returns from holding digital assets. Oryen Network (ORY) and ApeCoin (APE) are two of the most promising tokens that offer users a great opportunity to make huge gains with minimal risk.

Passive Income Is Possible With Oryen Network

Oryen Network is a multi-use cryptocurrency platform that allows users to stake, trade, and manage their digital assets. It recently released teasers of its platform, which shows significant development in its dashboard and on Oryen Swap. Even more impressive is that the network offers a fixed APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 90%, equivalent to 0.177% daily rewards paid out every 60 minutes. This means users can get guaranteed returns from buying ORY tokens without worrying about market volatility or changes in asset value.

Moreover, the auto-staking feature of Oryen Network is facilitated by its signature protocol called Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). This allows investors to stake their ORY tokens without giving custody of their assets in exchange for someone else’s assurance or using any third-party staking contracts — thus increasing investor security and passive income potential. Furthermore, this automated system is user-friendly and helps beginners easily enter the world of cryptocurrency. As an added bonus, a treasury also backs up the ORY token called the Risk-Free Value (RFV) wallet.

APE is another cryptocurrency platform that presents users with additional opportunities to generate even gains through staking on Binance. With an APY of 20%, APE rewards its stakers much more than other networks like Ethereum or Bitcoin do. With no staking fees on Binance, this makes the cost of buying and staking APE on Binance significantly lower than on Ethereum. It is an increasingly attractive option for investors earning passive income from holding cryptocurrencies.

In Conclusion

It’s no surprise then why Oryen Network and ApeCoin have become two of the most talked about platforms recently; with more news headlines talking about these digital assets than ever before, now may be just the perfect time to get into investing in them before they launch into a new macro uptrend when market sentiment reaches an all-time low again. The combination of high-yield rewards and low-risk investments makes these platforms ideal options if you search for massive passive gains over time!

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